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These grips are light, comfortable, easy to fit and keep clean. They also come in two sizes, thick and thin.


Not all riders will like the SRAM Red colour and the looks won’t appeal to everyone. It may be hard to convince people away from lock on grips.

For a grip so uninspiring in looks, the SRAM ESI Grip is full of well thought out ideas that will have you throwing away your old grips in no time.

You know something is working well on your bike when you never really think about it, and that’s the beauty of these grips. Once installed they did the job, and did it extremely well. The grips are not the most visually appealing you will find; there are no logos or bling just a comfortable silicone grip with a bar plug. [private]

The grips really helped with reducing arm pump and fatigue and not once on the trails did our hands go numb. The grips are super light at 60 grams (for the weight weenie out there) and can easily be cut down if needed (think gripshift).

One concern would the grip slip. So many riders are using lock on grips nowadays and nobody likes grips that slip and twist, especially when climbing.  However, over the past few months these grips have stayed in place and don’t look like moving anytime soon.  If you want extra security though ignore the installation guide and try a light adhesive spray, or go old school and use some hairspray.

Installation is not as easy as lock-on grips and they are pretty much a one-time only use item.  If you tend to fiddle with your bars and brakes a bit and frequent grip removal is your game then these may not suit.

The grips also come in two different sizes (thin and thick) so you should be able to find a size that fits.

For such a simple looking piece of equipment these grips are packed full of features that your hands and arms will thank you for. These grips will suit all riders, especially if you suffer from arm pump and related issues and those that like to ride longer distances.

Super light, and super comfortable. Not as easy to install and secure as a lock-on grips but we didn’t find either a major issue.



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