SRAM Shift Cable Kit – Slick Shifting From SRAM For A Sleek Price

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SRAM Shift Cable Kit


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Solid and smooth shifting.


If you’re searching for negative (as there wasn't anything) - only four colours to choose from.

The SRAM Shift Cable Kit comes with all the bibs and bobs required for your bike and performance at a level expected from one of the duopolies in MTB running gear. [private]

The SRAM Shift Cable Kit comes with everything you need to set up smooth shifting and a clean, noiseless bike.

Fitting the Shift Cable Kit was fairly straight forward providing a solid housing when cutting it to length, with no noticeable spoil to the housing form. The 1.1mm stainless steel cable was clean and smooth and retained its form even after a number of goes at getting it through the internal routing path.

A great feature of the Shift Cable Kit are the supplied rubber lugs, they fit neatly over the cable housing and once in place do not move. The rubber lugs add another layer of frame protection, or the option to do away with frame protection stickers.

The bike we fitted the Shift Cable Kit to incorporated internal frame routing to the bottom bracket which meant we had plenty of spare housing left over. However if you are planning on fitting full length housing to both derailleurs on a 29er or larger bike, we recommend you rough in a fit to establish how much housing you will need.

Hitting the trails with the SRAM Shift Cable Kit we found the shifting to be solid and smooth providing confident and direct shifting. After a number of rides and one race with a lot of shifting there has been little adjustment required with the cable maintaining a solid level of tension.

The kit comes in 4 different colours (black, white, red and blue) to match or un-match your bike depending on your preference.

Choose your colour.

The SRAM Shift Cable Kit is a solid product provide smooth and strong shifting and is a worthy upgrade or maintenance replacement to your current bike.

There is also a Slickwire PTFE coated version available for $42.95 is you want even smoother shifting. [/private]

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