10 Dec 2015

Left and right gloves have a place, so there's no reason why ergonomic grips shouldn't too. Ergon are the real kings of this game, known best for their oddly shaped grips made from all sorts of materials it's been a while since we've grabbed ahold old of these lovely German handles.

The not-so-minor details


Ergon GE1 Grip


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Bike Box






Texture and tackiness in the right places.
Loose and relaxed hand grip. Angled ends for glancing off tight trees.


Paying the price.
Feels odd at first, and not for everyone.

We’ve scored a set of the GE1 grips, available in a bunch of colours and two thicknesses, we went for the blue (to match our Trek Remedy of course) in the thinner version.

This new grip is aimed at the enduro crowd using wider handlebars that tend to hang their hands right towards the ends. With only one clamp, the rubber goes right to the outside of the grip, so you can really use all the length on offer, one of the design elements we like most.

Ergon Grip-1
Left and right specific, and contoured in every part.

There are two rubber compounds for cushioning and vibration dampening, that really help make use of the rubber without adding too much thickness or wearing out too quickly.

The texture is shaped and located where you need it most, a flat and smooth surface under the thumb for better access to the shifter is a nice touch, and where your finger tips rest there is a lot of texture to hold on to.

We’re not big on riding without gloves, but with these grips we loved it. The close feel from no gloves and the tacky texture go hand in hand…

Ergon Grip-6
The angled ends are to help save your skin when brushing against trees. Winner.

Like directional tyres, left and right socks, and saddles for different shapes have their benefits, we think these shaped grips do too. Sure they may be just grips, and while we fell in love during the first ride we certainly know that grips come with a very strong personal preference, so its best try them out in the bike shop first if you’re a traditional grip type of rider.

The GE1 grips let us ride with a more relaxed and looser grip without any less security. For more, let the guru Fabien Barel point out some features. Click for more.