Tested: Rubena Scylla Tubeless Supra 29” Tyres

The not-so-minor details


Rubena Scylla Tubeless Supra 29” Tyres



Scylla Tubeless Supra Black Version:

$79.95 (596 grams)

Scylla Tubeless Supra GreyLine Version:

$84.95 (622 grams)


Light weight.
Fast rolling.


Not suited for rocky loose terrain.

Rubena is a Czech based tyre company that has been making a big impact on the local Australian cross country scene in recent times. Ben Henderson is behind the distribution and as a highly accredited racer, we weren’t surprised to see these aimed squarely at the XC rider and racer where speed, grip and low weight are most sought after tyre attributes. Received for testing was the Scylla Tubeless Supra’s with a dual-compound Scylla GreyLine version as a front tyre and the more durable single compound Black version as a rear. The Scylla is available in a variety of different compounds, construction and diameters, however we tested the 29 x 2.25” size.

Rubena Scylla Tubeless Supre 29″.

Using a floor pump, we experienced no issues seating and sealing these tyres tubeless onto Stan’s rims; not always the case with superlight tubeless ready tyres. Once inflated, at just .6mm shy of our often go to benchmark; the Schwalbe Racing Ralph 2.25”, the Scylla offers a decent bag size but just shy of being an actual 2.25”.

Greyline – with it’s softer compound is a great front tyre.

With a combination of the softer compound grey version on the front and the longer wearing black version at the rear, we experienced a superb combination of confident traction and speed with excellent durability. The tightly spaced knob pattern didn’t suit the rockiest or loosest of terrain, however for hardpack to intermediate conditions we were confident in the available traction when pushed hard.

Fast rolling with confident traction in a durable yet lightweight construction, it’s no wonder the Rubena Scylla’s have such an impressive list of race wins.

Small directional knobs help the Scylla roll faster.


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