Tested: Swift Charge High Performance Supplements

The not-so-minor details




Swift High Performance




Gives your performance a kick and a boost. Stronger than your average supplement.


Made our faces tingle for a few times, and tastes a little bit like battery fluid.


With a list of ingredients as long as your arm, and with names reminiscent of a university science class experiment, Charge is a carefully chosen mixture of legal substances that aim to help you push your physical capabilities further.


Naturally, we are a little hesitant when it comes to putting loads of chemicals in our bodies, but energy supplements like gels, bars and recovery formulas are a must when you want to go faster for longer. Some purists achieve results from a simple, natural and balanced diet, but could we ignore the claimed benefits of this Charge stuff and not give it a try? Nope, we mixed up a bottle, downed it waited 30 minutes and off we went.


Our faces started tingling, it spooked us but we were assured it was a side effect of one ingredient and it won’t last past a couple uses.

A couple uses later there was no tingling but there sure was some great impact on our stamina, power, focus and we relished in it one particular long day out on the bike where we could really lay down powerful pedal strokes for far longer than we should have been able to with just a couple Weetbix in the tank.

If supplements are your thing, this stuff will give you a good kick up the backside and keep you pumped and moving quick.


Charge improves power and endurance. Simply, we put ingredients in that first provided power, endurance and energy benefits, and then an ingredient that increases the absorption rate into the blood stream. This means a lower dosage can be used for the same benefit. What you will feel from using this supplement is the ability to sit on that lactic threshold limit for longer, and feel more powerful when intensities are higher.  You will also feel a consistent energy boost that won’t result in a crash.

We have had 20 of our athletes from various sports test this supplement and everyone has loved it, remarking that they can push harder for longer during training and racing.

Ingredients and their functions

Beta Alanine –  This amino acid increase carnosyn levels in your blood. Carnosyn is what buffers lactic acid and fatigue. Studies have shown that increased carnosyn from beta alanine supplementation helps decrease lactate and increase power and endurance especially in interval type training.  The research proving Beta Alanine is now surpassing creatine in improving performance of athletes.

Citrulline Malate – This supplement is an amino acid that comes from watermelons and has been found to have anti-fatigue properties. Many studies have also shown improved performance when used daily. One study found a 34% increase in the rate of ATP production during exercise and a 20% increase in phosphocreatine recovery after exercise.  Citrulline Malate has also been found to increase the amount of bicarbonates in the blood stream, which helps to buffer lactic acid and protect against acidity of the blood.

Beta Vulgaris Extract – Sourced from beetroots. You may have heard that most of the AIS athletes drink a drink called “beet it” before they race. This is because of a study that found drinking beetroot juice before exercise increase vo2max and time to fatigue. Beta Vulagris extract from the beets is the specific substance that causes these performance gains.

Acetyl L- Carnitine – This is an amino acid that is made in the liver. Supplementing with this has been shown in studies to enhance endurance, increase fat metabolism (more fat burned while training and racing instead of glucose therefore enhancing time to fatigue)

Ginseng – This herb has been used for centuries by the Chinese to increase energy, and is now making its way into athlete performance enhancement. More energy and more focus is what this herb is great for.

Idebonone – Idebonone has all the functions of the popular Co Enzyme Q10 but with some extra benefits. This ingredient is vital for producing ATP (energy) in the cardiac and muscular systems.  Using this will help assist with endurance training and recovery, and to fight free radicals which athletes build up. There are many studies that have been done on CoQ10 but one that sticks out the most is where 94% of athletes felt and improvement in performance after using this ingredient. This is my favorite supplement to take.

Bioperine – This ingredient increases the bioavailability of the others ingredients which means better absorption and greater effectiveness.

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