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Teva Links Mid


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Durable, comfortable and light. Not 'too' grippy.


They aren't exactly attractive, but what mountain bike shoes are?

For years the flat pedal crew, ourselves included, have had two options – wear 5.10s or hack our shins up. The trouble is however, some find 5.10s that little bit too grippy.

Enter the Links Mid. Mr in-between, light, grippy (but not too grippy) and stiff soled. If you aren’t so mid-top inclined, Teva also offer a standard lower cut Links shoe. [private]

Upon first impressions, we were a little worried that the Links would be not too dissimilar from riding in standard skate shoes, but after a little testing we were really impressed. In terms of grip, the sole isn’t nearly as soft as 5.10’s sticky rubber compound, so the Links relies a little more on it’s sole pattern to dig into the pins of the pedals. For testing we coupled the Links to a set of Deity Decoy pedals and the pins matched to the sole pattern of the Links really well.

With that said, they’re still not quite as grippy as 5.10s, but provide sufficient traction when things get a little bumpy and as an advantage over 5.10s they make the task of adjusting foot position much simpler.

Over an extended testing period the Links have worn really well, durability on these suckers is definitely a plus. They are super comfy and we have worn them for a few day long downhill epics and can happily report no dreaded blisters come days end.

If you’re after an alternative to 5.10s, or even due for a new pair of flats, definitely take newcomer Teva into consideration.

To find a Teva dealer near you call Teva on Ph: 02 8306 3332

Testing out the Teva’s on the local downhill trail.


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