Buxton Mountain Bike Park

Destination overview

Just ’round the corner from Lake Mountain Resort and the Narbethong DH, Buxton MTB park is a refreshing change from its gravity-fueled neighbours.

With about 23km of XC trails, there’s everything from grom-friendly green riding all the way up to a black jump trail called The Cathedral.

Known for its painstakingly shaped berms, smooth elevator climbs, and flowing singletrack that ducks and weaves through a sea of lush green ferns and towering eucalypts trees.

Enter the green room

Buxton basically has one trail that runs the perimeter of the network called Archeron Ridge. Every other trail in the network branches off Archeron Ridge, and they’re all one-way, making it basically impossible to get lost here. The board at the trailhead has suggested loops, meaning Trailforks can stay in your pocket. We’d definitely recommend making the effort to go out to Off Camber, and hitting The Cathedral too.

The majority of the network is blue, and everything is flowy, so to get the most out of riding here, we’d recommend leaving the enduro bruiser at home. Be mindful when planning your trip however, because Buxton is closed through the winter.

Conquer the Buxton Burger

Located not far from Marysville, there is no shortage of places to eat and stay, and things off the bike to do. However, if you make the trip out to Buxton, the Igloo Roadhouse is a must-stop to refuel.

Home of the Buxton Burger, there’s enough beef between these buns to clog the arteries of ten geriatric mountain bikers, but it’s delicious and well worth the challenge.

Pro Tip: wait till after your ride to polish one off.


  • Testing the Scott Spark on Buxton's mountain bike trails
  • riding the Buxton Mountain Bike park aboard a Scott Spark
  • fish buxton trout farm wil
  • Beautiful scenery from above of the Buxton mountain bike trails
  • Plenty of fun mountain bike features in Buxton
  • Trail signage at the Buxton mountain bike park carpark

Region Trail Map

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