Majura Pines

Destination overview

Majura Pines is a collection of locally built trails in a mix of pine forest and natural Aussie bush. Originally a classic cross-country destination, it has expanded to invite a little more enduro flair with machine-built and jump-inspired trails added to the repertoire.

With a labyrinth of steep black trails and blue trails that feature fast flow, Majura is accommodating for beginners, right through to experienced riders hunting for a challenge. There are some rocky, off-camber technical up tracks for those also wanting to push the XC Strava stats on elevation to rock garden ratios.

Majura introduces some variety into the area, with red dirt and pine trees, not just the classic Stromlo silt you might be familiar with. The area is excellent for different riding styles and capabilities, with some green trails also on offer for those starting out or just wanting to go really fast and get some pedals in!

The trails are all tightly packed in close proximity to one another, and the network boasts 40km of mapped, and well-maintained singletrack to explore.
Barry and Larry are a must-visit (ahem, trails, of course).

Stromlo Stop offs

This destination is a great area for progression and one to add to the weekend list, particularly for New South Welshman heading home from Canberra. An ideal little stop off just 15-mins north of Canberra, the trailhead is just off the highway and accessed via a quick connection from the car park.

Majurassic Pines

During Covid, a collection of volunteers started to build up the dirt jumps — named after everyone’s favourite dinosaur movie franchise — and they are in prime nick if you are looking for something different and to improve your riding. Something that you don’t get as much of as the regular Canberra stop-offs.


Region Trail Map

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