Five Rad Days in Rotorua, Part 5

There’s always a silver lining. Even in the biggest, nastiest rain cloud, like the ones that dumped down on Rotorua yesterday. The upshot of the Slopestyle being postponed yesterday, was that it mean we had a MASSIVE final day here at Crankworx, with both the downhill and Slopestyle taking place. It couldn’t have been more prefect really; the mud made the downhill a thrilling battle to survive, and then the sun came out enough to leave the Slopestyle course in prime condition.

It has been an absolutely incredible few days here in Rotorua – our head spins when we think about how much we’ve crammed into the last five days! Check out what we’ve been up to in our four previous photo diaries: day 1, day 2, day 3, day 4. We’ll see you next time, Roto, it’s been real!

Bits and pieces of sunshine today helped dry up the track a little for the juniors and amateurs making their way down early this morning.
The gondola ride up this morning gave us nothing but bad signs weather wise… But how did the day turn out?
Finn Iles during practice in the bottom section of the Skyline downhill track.
Some radiant sunlight striking lake Rotorua early this morning gave us some hope for a slopestyle contest,
The rain and mud didn’t stop this shredder form taking a drop over the b-line option.
The mist clings to web high up on the Skyline downhill track, if you look closely in the background, you can see an out-of-focus Jill Kitner, unfortunately sliding off course on a super slick B-Line.
This track was seriously hard to walk, and this guy seemed onto something for some extra grip!
Taking the top spot for the women was Tahnee Seagrave, launching this gap even in the less then ideal conditions.
Muddy, rutty, greasy sickness! Today’s conditions put everyone to the test.
George Branningan was looking pinned, but this corner, like many others today, got the better of him!

It was amazing to see a loyal cheer squad out in force for the whole race, singing happy birthday, counting how many seconds riders weren’t on the bike as a nice way to remind them they’d come off and pumping Darude Sandstorm every third song!
Alex Fayole tripoding or fast planting over this root.
Loic couldn’t take the win today in tough conditions!
Matt Walker getting a little drifty with the crowds egging him on from all angles.
Talking out the top step of the podium for the men’s, Kiwi rider Sam Blenkinsop.
Sam Blenkinsop happy to sign some jerseys for fans after his victory in the Crankworx downhill!
Some lucky pinners got to take home Sam’s goggles and cap…
Safe to say, they were pretty stoked!
1st. Sam Blenkinsop
2nd. Mick Hannah
3rd. Finn Iles
1st. Tahnee Seagrave
2nd. Emilie Siegenthaler
3rd. Miranda Miller
What a relief it was to start seeing all the riders getting comfy and ready to throw down some runs after so many rain delays!
Slopestyle has now become a very special, sacred part of Crankworx, Rotorua, with the event being run in the memory of our lost friend, Kelly McGarry.
A new adaption to the Crankworx Rotorua slopestyle this year with a right hand hip jump first up after the wooden drop in.
The starting feature, complete with New Zealand wood carving!
Warm up trains with the boys!
Defending champ Nicoli Rogatkin warming up with just a few tail-whips.
The redwoods, the town, the slopestyle!
Crowds flocked up the trails, running along the slopstyle course to get a good view of the athletes on course.
Up close and personal tail-whips are good tail-whips.
The highly photogenic SRAM wooden feature is always one to impress!

Old school BMX shredder Ryan Nyquist showing than an old dog can definitely learn new tricks… or at least do the same tricks on new bikes.
Thank you t McGazza for holding the weather at bay today and letting us all witness some incredible mountain biking.
Brett Rheeder in his winning first run, reclaiming the title. He was the winner here way back when Crankworx first came to Rotorua.
Nicoli Rogatkin put it all on the line in his second run and unfortunately came unstuck on his trademark trick, ‘the twister’ on the final jump

Logan Peat put together two great runs, but still hasn’t been able to crack the podium!
Crazy to think this is basically a straight air after not quite nailing the first feature.
Jumping into the weekend like.

Tomas Lemoine and his pretty, pastel, pink pushy!
Nicoli loading up his unreal triple tail-whip!
The memorial train for McGazza.
Your 2018 Crankworx, Rotorua Slopestyle Podium!
1st Brett Rheeder
2nd Thomas Genon
3rd Diago Cavezasi
A champagne shower well earnt.
It’s ya boy… Brett Rheeder!

The winnings + the steed that took Rheeder to victory.


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