Must-Ride: Jindabyne, NSW

In the next issue of Flow (Issue #4) we are going to feature the trails and grand plans of mountain biking in Jindabyne.

The little township of Jindabyne, NSW is a small dot on the mountain bike map however recent work and future plans may mean that Jindabyne, and the greater area, could very easily become an Australian mountain bike mecca. There’s already a smorgasbord of trails in the greater Snowy area and Jindabyne is the perfect hub to explore them all.

The new trails between Tyrolean Village and the township of Jindabyne are just the start of those future plans and Flow got to ride them on a recent trip to Thredbo.

Probably like most, we normally drive straight through Jindabyne, however his time we decided to make the stop – and it was more than worth it. On top of the new trails in the video, the old network of trails in the Tyrolean area still running, and access has also been granted for all to ride the sweet network of trails at Bungarra (just a few minutes out of town).

Look out for a full feature in issue #4, and make sure you add Jindabyne to your list of favourite trail destinations. You can even grab a locally brewed ale just metres off the trail. Now that’s worth the trip alone.

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