Video: Ride Rotorua Top 10 Trails #8 – Boulderdash

Words by Flow | Images by Graeme Murray, Damian Breach

The recently built Challenge block has brought a whole new element to the forest in Rotorua, giving riders a bunch of trails that are both easily accessible and just plain fun to ride.

Every weekend this section of the Redwoods is jammed with kids and families, punching out run after run – when it’s a five-minute ride back up the fire road to the top, why not?

Boulderdash is one of the best. It’s a mad, fast freeway of a track, a ribbon of great turns and step-down jumps. It feels like it’s over far too quick, but the trail has a sting in its tail, a steep rock section from which the trail gets its name. Bryce Shapley, all limbs and speed, shows us the way its done.

FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash_C4 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-5 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-9 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-10 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-12 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash_C3 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-14 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-17 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-18 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-19 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash_C5 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-21 FEATURE_ROTORUA_Top10_Boulderdash-24


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