Ride, Swim, Eat, Repeat: Day 3, Mountain Biking the Atherton Tablelands

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It was time to turn it up a notch on our third day in Atherton.

We didn’t bring Dave McMillan all this way for just his good looks, we wanted some trails for him to let loose on and see what he’s capable of.

This photo of Dave McMillan sits alongside the definition of ‘steeze’ in the dictionary, we’re sure of it.

Casual gap boosting.
“Yeah, jump from here over this huge hole to that tiny landing space just before the hard right-hand corner, ok?”
Big turns, loads of speed.

On the trail map, there were a few black runs to explore, but the one we remember from a few years ago ‘Ricochet’ was reportedly running super-sweet with some fresh work done, especially on the big banked turns.

It sounded like our jam, so up we went, the long pedal to the top. It can be shuttled, perhaps not in our Kia people mover, but a 4WD with decent clearance would make life a little easier.

Looked like fun at first, just didn’t think ahead for a plan to return to land…

Ka Powww, Ricochet.

This track rips, with some of the biggest jumps, deepest turns and fastest lines on the hill. It was time to let Dave do his thing, entertain us, and make us all feel inadequate with his effortless style and carefree riding at the speed of lightning.

Keep it low, or…
Let it fly.

Corner after corner he pushed his Stumpjumper harder and harder, finding traction where we certainly wouldn’t, and gapping between sections of the trail that we don’t even know that the trail builders would have thought possible.

It’s the type of descent that is made for riders like Dave, with many years on the World Cup DH circuit his speed is unbounded but the way he does it is what makes it such a pleasure to watch.

Tools down, time to roam the Tablelands some more.

From the hair-raising descents to the valley floor we could feel a hunger coming on, a hunger that only one thing could satisfy. A classic pub-style parmigiana.

Banana picking Atherton style.

Gin, whisky, vodka and everything in between.

A distillery tour at Mt Uncle Distillery is a fun and enlightening way to sample a little more of what the Tablelands can offer, we gave it a good nudge and learnt quite a lot along the way.



Where we stayed – Big 4 Caravan Park is a stone’s throw from the trails and is well set up for mountain bikes with a dedicated wash bay, work stand and tools.

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