Ride, Swim, Eat, Repeat: Day 2, Mountain Biking the Atherton Tablelands

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Flow’s in Atherton, in Tropical North Queensland for three fun days of riding, swimming, eating, drinking and everything in between.

Three days of this? Sounds terrible, let’s get to it.

After splitting our time on and off the bike on our first day, our legs were more than ready by the time the sun came up on our second. The morning light in the Atherton MTB Park is really special, the vibrant vegetation and lush pockets of forest glow green and it’s nice to cruise about the weaving singletrack in the valley floor.

Green grade trails at first light in the tropics? Yes, please.

Early morning lush fest, tropical awakening.
Someone said to us once that any spider in a web like this is harmless, mildly comforting.

Atherton Women’s Enduro, woohoo!

The Atherton Women’s Enduro, big day out on the trails with a few new tracks open ahead of schedule for the day.

By chance, we were in town when the Atherton Women’s Enduro was on, with a course laid out taking in some of the choices trails and a few fresh additions the day looked like a lot of fun to be involved in. The riding community shared between Cairns and the Atherton Tablelands is loaded with riders engrained in mountain bike folklore, new to the sport, and anywhere in between.

Rocks, creek crossing, cycad ferns and finding flow.

Ticking off the many blue graded trails is a great way to get a proper taste of the terrain in Atherton. The surfaces can be quite challenging on the steeper slopes of the mountains, and the sounds of the bike ripping by getting louder with the tyres tearing into the rock and rubble.

Catching up with Trina from Cairns, a rider who knows the trails well and makes the trip up to the Tablelands often for the ride.

It’s an actual waterfall, not a GIF.

Nothing compares to lying under a waterfall, looking up at the deep blue sky with the after riding all day, it’s an experience we’ve not had anywhere else in the world.

Atherton Tablelands is well-known for its swimming holes and waterfalls and there is a whole lot of them to explore. The most common one, Millaa Millaa Falls, is an exceptionally beautiful spot. We’ll let the pictures do the talking here…

Mermaids everywhere.
Pinch yourself.
Underwater, under a waterfall, utterly epic.

Yungaburra Hotel, no shortage of timber in the old days, eh?

Ah, the old style timber pubs. This old gem has stood the test of time and feels like a real step back in time, always pumping with patrons due to its hearty fare and rustic feel this place is a must visit spot for dinner after a long day. You could skulk around the halls for hours learning the history of the area and generations that have used the old joints as a place of community for many years.



Where we stayed – Big 4 Caravan Park is a stone’s throw from the trails and is well set up for mountain bikes with a dedicated wash bay, work stand and tools.

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