Fresh Produce | 100% Speedcraft SL Sunglasses

Price: $229 - 279 AUD Available From: FE Sports

100% is no doubt best known for its distinctive range of sunglasses and goggles, and boy does the Californian brand have a lot of different options! One of the most popular glasses in the cycling-oriented lineup is the Speedcraft, which is offered in three distinct variations. There’s the standard Speedcraft, the Speedcraft XS and the Speedcraft SL, and it’s the latter option that we’ll be checking out here.

100% percent speedcraft sl sunglasses
Roz has been rocking the 100% Speedcraft SL sunglasses with the fancy HiPER Silver Mirror lens.

100% Speedcraft SL Sunglasses

Compared to the regular 100% Speedcraft sunglasses we’ve tested previously, the Speedcraft SL features a shorter lens profile and a more compact nose bridge. The idea is to provide a more tailored fit that better suits smaller faces. That aside, we also think they look a bit less intense compared to the enormous face-swallowing lenses used on the regular Speedcraft.

The TR90 frame and overall profile is unchanged, so you’re getting the same 5.5-base curve for wraparound protection and uninterrupted visibility. The Speedcraft SL also features the same adjustable temple tips, which is a fantastic feature that allows you to tweak the fit of the arms to provide a more comfortable fit around your ears.

The ultra-grip rubber is also used for the noise bridge to provide a secure hold on your schnoz even when you’re sweating buckets on a hot summer’s day. A secondary nose bridge is included in the case with the glasses, which offers a slightly different thickness that allows you to fine-tune the fit. Nice!

100% percent speedcraft sl sunglasses
Compared to the regular 100% Speedcraft glasses, the Speedcraft SL features a shorter lens and a more compact nose bridge to suit smaller faces.

HiPER Lenses

The 100% Speedcraft SL glasses are offered with three different lens types. You can get them with a standard smoke lens ($229 AUD), the HiPER lens ($279 AUD), or a photochromic lens ($349 AUD).

It’s the HiPER lens that we’ve got on test here in the Silver Mirror finish. Available in several other colours and tints, the HiPER lens incorporates a special layer that boosts definition and colour contrast to provide a crisp and well-defined outline of trail features, along with a vibrant, almost Instagram-like filter of the environment around you. Greens are brighter and greener, and it’s easier to make out the texture of the rock and soil beneath your tyres.

The polycarbonate lens also features a scratch-resistant layer, and they receive a hydrophobic and oleophobic treatment to help repel water, dirt and oil. All good stuff for the rough ‘n’ tumble world of mountain biking.

As well as the stock HiPER Silver Mirror lens, the 100% Speedcraft SL glasses come with a secondary pair of clear lenses in the box that can be easily swapped in for night riding or particularly dreary days.

100% percent speedcraft sl sunglasses
The rubber nose piece provides a comfortable but stable hold on your schnoz, and a second one is included in the box to provide a different fit as needed.
100% percent speedcraft sl sunglasses
You also get a clear lens in the case, which is ideal for dreary days and night riding.
100% percent speedcraft sl sunglasses
Those fancy HiPER lenses offer fantastic colour-boosting contrast for really vibrant and crisp vision on the trail.

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