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Price: $294.95 AUD Available From: Lusty Industries Weight: 328g (Confirmed)

While not as old as the iconic Eggbeater, the Crank Brothers Candy pedals have been around for quite a long time. Designed for gravel, XC and trail riding, the Candy’s feature a lightweight platform that offers a stiffer and more stable interface compared to the minimalist Eggbeater pedals.

Crank Brothers has treated the Candy to a number of refinements over the years, with notable improvements having been made to their overall durability and adjustability. The latest range is made up of five different models with prices starting at $119.95 AUD for the Candy 1, and topping out at a wallet-emptying $769.95 AUD for the blingy Candy 11. Here we check out the second most premium option; the Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedal.

crank brothers candy 7 pedals
The Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals feature a machined alloy body that surrounds the iconic Eggbeater mechanism.

Crank Brothers Candy 7 Pedals

The Crank Brothers Candy 7 is built around a 6061-T6 alloy platform that’s available in black, blue and red colour options. The two-piece construction features chamfered edges to reduce the chance of snagging on rocks and roots, and large cutouts in the middle provide plenty of space for mud to pass through. This is complemented by the four-sided Eggbeater mechanism, which is free to rotate within the pedal body. As such, it’s almost impossible for these pedals to clog up in wet conditions, and it’s a big reason why Crank Brothers pedals are so popular with cyclocross racers.

crank brothers candy 7 pedals
The Eggbeater mechanism is free to rotate within the pedal body, which means it’s very rare for the Candy to gum up with mud.

Tuning options galore

Another key feature of the Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals is the interchangeable Traction Pads. These are small plastic inserts that slide into the pedal body and sit either side of the Eggbeater mechanism. The pedals come installed with 1mm thick Traction Pads, though 2mm inserts are included in the box for tuning the fit between the pedal body and your shoes.

Furthermore, you’ve got quite a few options when it comes to the cleats. Made of brass, the stock cleats can be swapped from left-to-right to change the pedal’s release angle from 15° to 20°. In either configuration the pedals offer 6° of float while clipped in. Crank Brothers offers a zero-degree cleat option aftermarket that’s potentially a better option for newer and less confident riders, and there’s also a zero-float option if you prefer a more locked-in feel.

crank brothers candy 7 pedals
Testing the Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals on the Cervelo ZFS-5 during a recent visit to Yackandandah in Victoria’s High Country.

Servicing & a 5-year warranty

Inside the Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals you’ll find a forged chromoly steel spindle, a custom Igus LL-glide bearing and an Enduro MAX cartridge bearing. The pedals are designed to be easy to pull apart for regular cleaning and re-greasing, and Crank Brothers produces a pedal service kit that comes with fresh bearings and seals for when they need a proper overhaul. Even the pedal ‘wings’ are replaceable, which is pretty cool.

Out of the box the Candy pedals feature a 52mm Q-factor that’ll suit most XC and gravel riders. Crank Brothers does produce a long spindle kit that pushes the Q-factor out to 57mm for those chasing a wider stance. However, it’s worth noting that the Mallet Trail pedals come standard with a 57mm Q-factor while featuring a slightly bigger body that isn’t that much heavier. For trail and enduro riders, that’s the pedal we’d recommend. In comparison, the Candy is ideal for XC racing, gravel and lighter-duty trail riding.

crank brothers candy 7 pedals fizik shoes
The brass cleats do wear fairly quickly. After six months of use, these cleats are about due for replacement.
crank brothers candy 7 pedals
Pedal entry and exit is beautifully smooth with the Crank Brothers Candy 7 pedals.
crank brothers candy 7 pedals
If you like a bit of float with your clip-in pedals, the Crank Brothers Candy is an excellent option.

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