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Price: $89.95 AUD Available From: Lusty Industries Weight: 162g (confirmed)

A decent multi-tool is one of those essential items that we never go mountain biking without. These compact tool sets can be an absolute lifesaver out on the trail, helping with a myriad of applications from adjusting your saddle into a more comfortable position, to tightening a pivot bolt that somehow worked its way loose on the last descent. Not all multi-tools are created equal however, and we love seeing how each brand approaches the design goal of fitting as much functionality as possible into such a small and lightweight package. To see how Crank Brothers does it, we got our hands on the intriguing F15 multi-tool.

crank brothers f15 multi-tool
The Crank Brothers F15 is a feature-packed multi-tool that employs a sleek alloy case with hidden magnets.

Crank Brothers F15 Multi-Tool

The Crank Brothers F15 is designed to offer loads of different functions in a small and durable package. It features a slick metal case that protects the tools inside while keeping some of the sharp edges away from other items in your riding pack. Adding to its quality feel, the F15 case incorporates magnets that help to lock both the main tool cartridge and the chain breaker in place.

The multi-tool itself gets all the must-haves including 2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 8mm hex keys as well as a T25, phillips and flat blade screwdrivers. The chain breaker can be removed from the metal case, or it can be left in place so you can utilise it as extra leverage when repairing a broken chain. You can do the same thing with the main multi-tool, which is particularly useful when using the 8mm hex key for loosening a stubbornly tight pedal axle.

crank brothers f15 multi-tool
The chain breaker can be removed from the case, revealing its in-built spoke keys.

The chain breaker also incorporates several different sized slots on the back, which you can use to tighten up spoke nipples. Don’t need the chain breaker? Crank Brothers offers a smaller F10 that uses the same multi-tool and alloy case, but ditches the chain breaker to lower the price by $20 AUD.

While we really like the case and its magnetic closure, it’s worth noting that Crank Brothers also produces a range of standard multi-tools that are quite a bit cheaper. For example, the Multi Tool 17 comes in at $59.95 AUD and offers many of the same functions albeit without the magnetic case. Regardless of which option you choose, all Crank Brothers multi-tools come with a 5-year warranty.

crank brothers f15 multi-tool
Use the 4mm hex key on the multi-tool to drive the chain breaker pin.
crank brothers f15 multi-tool
No multi-tool is complete without a bottle opener right?

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