Maxxis Gravel Tyre Range | From the Chunkiest to the Slickest

From pavement to hardpacked dirt roads and loose gravel, Maxxis’ gravel tyre range covers all terrain types and weather conditions you may encounter on your gravel adventures. We’ve got our hands on four of the newest and most popular gravel tyres that Maxxis has to offer, and thankfully, all the names start with an ‘R’, which kinda makes it easier for us to remember. Cheers, Maxxis.

All tyres incorporate Maxxis’ distinctive EXO puncture protection layer and are tubeless-ready. For those unfamiliar, EXO casing is a densely woven fabric that lines the tyre’s sidewalls, strengthening them and adding resistance against cuts and abrasions. There is no protection in the tread area, contributing to a smooth ride and lighter-weight construction. But, because of this, you should exercise caution when things get a bit sketchy, or you’ll likely be doing some bush repairs.

It’s easy to see what terrain a tyre is aimed at by looking at the tread depth and size. Also, Maxxis have a handy graph! Presto.

Arranged from the chunkiest to the slickest, we’ve given you a quick rundown of the range.

Ravager, the Off-Road Ruler

Maxxis Ravager
Price: $79.95 AUD
Weight: 540g (700x40c)

The meatiest mini-MTB tyre in the range is the Ravager.

Sitting alongside the intermediate Maxxis Rambler, Reaver and slicker Receptor, the Ravager is Maxxis’ most aggressive gravel tyre out of our selection.

Featuring raised square-edged centre knobs and oversized cornering knobs, the Ravager will provide improved traction when climbing steep chutes and braking down loose, dusty terrain and when hard cornering.

While the rest of the Maxxis range is designed to let you ride beyond the end of the road, the Ravager opens new singletrack, camping spots, and epic adventures where no road ever existed. Hence, we think the Ravager would be suitable for the mountain biker turned gravel enthusiast who wants to continue riding similar terrain with the added versatility of a gravel bike. We expect this tyre to be seen on gravel bikes with a suspension fork, ohhhhh the controversy!

Want something a bit less chunky? Keep scrolling to see the rest of the range.

Rambler, the Versatile Voyager

A safe bet for mixed surfaces is the Rambler.

Maxxis Rambler
Price: $79.95 AUD
Weight: 420g (700x38c)

Next comes the Rambler, Maxxis’ first gravel-specific tyre, which is also arguably the brand’s most versatile option of the range.

The Rambler is designed with the volume you need for comfort and the tread to deliver speed and control. It features low-profile, closely packed centre knobs that provide ample rolling efficiency over paved and hardpacked gravel roads. In contrast, its slightly larger and more spaced-out side knobs provide predictable cornering in varied terrain. The standout feature of the Maxxis Rambler is its versatility.

It doesn’t excel at on-road performance like the slick Receptor, nor does it match the Ravager’s traction in loose gravel; instead, it does everything sufficiently, making it Maxxis’ most versatile tyre for a wide range of gravel riders.

Reaver, the Gravel Rover

A nice and speedy all-road all-rounder.

Maxxis Reaver
Price: $79.95 AUD
Weight: 440g (700x40c)

Brand new off the press, Maxxis have released the Maxxis Reaver. Filling in the gap between the Rambler and Receptor, the Reaver features a semi-slick centre tread pattern that is less chunky than the Rambler but with a bit more bite than the Receptor; its side knobs are also in-between the two tyres. This tyre is designed for efficient pedalling on hard-packed surfaces and would be great for the commuter who dabbles in gravel adventures every now and then.

Charlie has been riding this tyre for the last couple of months – check out the full rundown of the Reaver here

Receptor, the Refined Roadster

Maxxis Receptor
Price: $79.95 AUD
Weight: 440g (700x40c)

The smoothest tyre with the lowest rolling resistance.

Last but certainly not least comes the slickest of the lot, the Maxxis Receptor. With its low-profile centre tread, the Receptor is designed for pavement, hard-packed dirt roads and light gravel. Its small side knobs will provide some cornering traction in loose over rugged terrain; however, it’ll still offer less grip than the rest of the tyre options.

We’d recommend the Receptor for the primary road or commuting-focused rider who enjoys having a fast, road-like tyre rolling feel but with the added comfort of a 40c tyre.

So there you go, Maxxis gravel tyres from the chunkiest to the slickest. See you out there!

Crunchy roads and fresh air!😍

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