Review | Fidlock Push Saddle Bag 400

Price: 109.95 Available From: Lusty Industries

Fidlock’s Push Saddle Bag leverages its patented magnetic mounting system to offer a solution to carry your spares under your seat that is dropper post-friendly.

Using a plastic mount that bolts onto your saddle rails, the bag clips in using the magic of magnets and a latch which is released with the press of a button. That means when you need a tyre plug or to adjust the roll on your handlebar, you’re not fishing around inside the bag and trying to hold your bike up at the same time.

Available in two sizes, we have the 400, which has room for a 29er tube, tyre levers, a Dynaplug Racer and a small multi-tool. The top and bottom of the bag have some structure to them, but the sides are flexible, so you can easily stuff things in — there are definitely a few more bits and bobs we could get in here without fear of blowing the zipper.

The mount only touches the saddle rails, meaning the bag doesn’t interfere with my dropper post. But with my seat down, there isn’t much breathing room above the tyre.

The bag and zipper are water resistant, and there is a clip on the back for a light should it be night ride season.

While it is dropper-friendly, with the bracket only touching the saddle rails, something to be mindful of is whether or not it will buzz the back tyre of your bike at full travel. On my Norco Optic with a 180mm dropper post, the bag does hit the tyre well before the rear end is fully compressed. With the orientation of the mount, the bag hangs quite a bit lower than something that straps directly to the rails. On a hardtail or gravel bike, there is nothing to worry about, however with rear squish, it’s something to take into account.

Up to this point, our experience with Fidlock products — from the bottles, to a toolbox and even the helmet clips — has been totally rattle-free. The tolerances have always been tight, and everything clips in solid and secure. The Push Saddle Bag is a different story. The connection is sloppy, with the interface between the bracket and the bag allowing for a few millimetres of movement in every direction. Unfortunately, this means the bag does rattle over rough surfaces.

Given the proportions of the Push Saddle bag, it’s definitely best suited to bikes that don’t have rear suspension.

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