Fresh Produce | Tranz X EDP01 Wireless Dropper Post

Price: $863.59 AUD 150mm Drop Available From: KWT Imports Weight: 757g

The Tranz X EDP01 Wireless Dropper is part of a wave of newfangled seat posts to hit the market. Coming in cheaper than Rockshox’s AXS dropper and with a longer 200mm drop version available, it makes quite a value proposition against arguably the 800lbs gorilla in this space.

Pricing for our 150mm drop, 31.6mm post comes in at $863.59 AUD. It’s still not cheap, but it’s a hair over than half the cost of the equivalent Rockshox AXS post — which has an RRP of $1,480 AUD. The EDP01 is available in both 30.9mm and 31.6mm diameters, and three travel options, 150mm, 170mm, and 200mm.


Send it through the airwaves! The EPD connects to the remote using Bluetooth.
The charger doubles as a carrying case for the battery and takes advantage of a USB-C connection.

The EDP01 has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that sits underneath the saddle, it fits into a neat little cradle. It has an automotive-grade IPX 66 water-resistant rating and is claimed to have the grunt for over 6,000 activations on a single charge. The remote, on the other hand, uses a common CR2032 coin cell battery.

The design of the dropper is simple and sleek; it’s a stealthy black affair with little writing or logos to distinguish itself from the brand’s sea of cable-operated droppers. For what it lacks in visual pizzaz, it more than makes up for with a few well-thought-out design features. The saddle clamp is a simple single-bolt design; you only need to adjust one side to secure the saddle rails for your fore and aft adjustment, while a separate bolt on the front alters the saddle angle.

The remote has a split clamp that can be installed without needing to remove your grips or brakes, and it has a comfortable ergonomic design. Fitting a wireless dropper is easily one of their biggest appeals, and the entire process takes only a couple of minutes since there’s nothing to hook up or run through your frame.

Pressing the remote generates an electronic buzz from the dropper and its action is smooth and responsive. While the whirr of the tiny servo motor is notably louder than a silent cable pull, you really only notice it in the workshop. The post makes a subtle and satisfying clunk when it reaches full extension.

Return speed can be adjusted by changing the air pressure via a shock pump; however, you will need a two-stage pump. We found out the hard way that a standard shock pump will lose too much air when disconnecting the hose, resulting in the post not returning at all. The recommended pressure range is 230-280psi.

We’ve been testing a 150mm drop version with a 31.6mm diameter, which tipped our scales at 757g, including the remote. We can’t comment on long-term durability just yet, but so far, it’s been totally reliable. Just like all good dropper posts, it is easily forgotten about as it simply does its job. There is no play or sag, however Tranz X does sell replacement cartridges should the one in your seatpost cark it.

There has been one little quirk that has popped up, as the actuator is remotely triggered there is a slight delay before it closes. The result being that if you apply weight to the post too soon after it has extended, it can sink a little into its travel. This isn’t play in the post, it can just take a little longer than a cable-operated post to close off the valve. Another tip for users is to remove the battery if the bike is going to be transported on a long trip, as movement wakes up the post and can drain the battery if it is left in.

Provided you remember to charge the battery, the Tranz X EDP01 has been totally hassle-free.

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