03 Jul 2018

The time has come for an e-truce. Waging war against e-bikes is not only a waste of breath, it's also counterproductive if you'd like to see a strong bike industry and healthy local bike shops in Australia. Here's why.

We’re not asking you to ride e-bikes, we’re not even asking you to like e-bikes. But we are asking you to think about, is why e-bikes are good for the sport in Australia.

Fact: E-mountain bikes are here to stay. Just about all the leading manufacturers in the mountain bike world are now producing at least one e-bike, including some of the most hardcore, dyed-in-the-wool brands such as Rocky Mountain (hell, even Intense have an e-bike on the way). And with the experience those brands are bringing to the table, we’re seeing some incredibly sleek e-bikes that handle well too.

Fact: E-bike sales are injecting new life into the Australian bike industry. While most of the cycling retail world is pretty flat, sales in e-mountain bikes are going off like day-old prawns. Never in the history of the cycling industry has their been such rampant growth – consumer demand is far outstripping supply, across just about all brands. These bikes aren’t being forced on us, the public want them, the sales data is compelling.

Fact: E-mountain bikes are getting more people into the sport, and that is a good thing. Whatever your feelings regarding e-bikes (or the people who ride them), they’re getting a legion of people out onto the trails who otherwise would not be mountain biking. More people in the bush on bikes means more trails for everyone, it’s a pretty simple equation.

Put all those elements together and you can see why we’re in favour of continued e-bike growth here in Australia. Let us know your opinions!