06 Sep 2015

Janine Jungfels has emerged victorious to be crowned Observed Trials World Champion at the MTB and Trials World Championships in Andorra.

In Observed Trials, riders cover six sections of a varied and interesting course featuring logs, rocks, rivers and machinery three times, try to accumulate as few points as possible.  Points are given to competitors for putting feet on the ground, with five is the maximum number of points that can be lost on a particular section.

Jungfels , who qualified third for the final, produced a truly masterful performance to finish on just 22 points, defeating Slovakia’s Tatiana Janickova by an incredible 10 points, while Germany’s Nina Reichenbach was third.

The result is Australia’s first ever Observed Trials World Championship title, and just our second ever medal after Jungfels also finished third last year.