14 Jul 2014

Day one of racing done and dusted…well not that there was any dust it was pretty damn muddy!  

What a humbling experience, with three huge stages with the first being over 10kms, taking me nearly 20 minutes! I managed to catch over 15 riders, making no new Italian friends, haha!


The track was pretty brutal after the whole womans field and 300+ riders in front of me had ripped their way down it. Getting to the start was hard enough with two chairlifts and a 40 minute climb in the rain! Stage two had us do a 45 minute climb plus a 20 minute hike-a-bike to the top of an amazing trail, with a mixture of taped open grass areas and steep singletrack.


Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.04.05 pm



Stage three ran pretty much from the top of the chairlifts which was nice and the track itself was pretty much a 15 minute full on downhill, so I was glad to see the finish line and a cold beer! Sitting in 90th, I just washed the bike and getting ready to do it all again tomorrow! 

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 6.05.42 pm
Rolling off to Stage 1 with a really pumping atmosphere and tunes from the Red Bull DJ blasting
Frother! Josh Carlson.
Feed zone Italian style!! Hot tea and cakes!
Well deserved beer with Ian Harwood from Australia.