05 Apr 2016

When Fabien Barel rocked up to Crankworx Rotorua Downhill with an unrecognisable downhill bike cleverly disguised in contrasting camouflage, the rumours were confirmed – Canyon would soon release a new DH race bike, awesome.

The somewhat outdated 26″ wheeled Torque DHX with its aluminium frame and top-heavy four-bar linkage was surely next in line for a re-fresh from Canyon, but we’d not quite expected such a vastly different beast as the Sender CF.

The Sender uses a carbon front triangle with trademark Canyon styling, all sharp contours and defined shapes. It has 27.5″ wheels, noise-cancelling features, adjustable geometry and wheelbase length, a new MX linkage system that is specifically designed for use with an air shock. It’s also available in a huge range of size options.

The top-shelf Sender CF 9.0 has a claimed weight of 16.2kg, so we’re looking at a seriously light package!

Pricing is mighty sharp for Australia too:

Sender CF 7.0  AU$5,599

Sender CF 8.0  AU$6,599

Sender CF 9.0  AU$7,399

Read on for the official word from Germany below.

“To be the fastest, you have to get creative.” It was with this principle in mind that the Canyon Development Team set out to build an all-new thoroughbred downhill machine. With the performance to turn the racetrack into a blank canvas, their creation, the Sender CF, raises the bar to deliver the ultimate downhill racing platform.

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When developing the Sender’s four-bar suspension system we set out to create the perfect mix of three interlocking characteristics: anti-squat, pedal kickback and anti-rise. High anti-squat enables efficient acceleration but also results in more pedal kickback. We optimised this to strike a balance that actively increases the rider’s momentum without causing undue leg fatigue over fast repetitive hits. Effective anti-rise means the rear end remains active and in contact with the ground under heavy braking for exceptional traction and control when they’re needed the most.

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From experimenting with initial prototypes back in 2014 to the final pre-production shakedown at Crankworx New Zealand, the Canyon Development Team including triple DH World Champion, Fabien Barel, left no line unridden in pursuit of creating the most advanced downhill bike ever.

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The Sender CF comes stacked with a whole host of innovative performance features. Its geometry is at the forefront of the modern approach and can be adapted to terrain and riding style with Geo Tune. The Triple Phase Suspension system guarantees next-level control while enabling the rider to build momentum at crucial points on track.

A rock-solid construction means going big comes naturally, while clever noise-cancelling details across the frame ensure that the Sender CF delivers the stealthiest ride out on the hill.

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MX LINK – Inspired by motocross, our all-new MX Link enables us to tune the shock leverage ratio independent of anti-squat, pedal kickback or anti-rise.The combination of our MX Link and the latest generation of lightweight, highly adjustable air shocks means we can create the ideal racing suspension setup consisting of three distinct phases.
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Fabien testing the Sender’s kinematics behind closed doors in Rotorua.
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Canyon Sender CF 8.0 – $6599
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Top level Sender.
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Canyon Sender CF 9.0 – $7399
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Canyon Sender CF 7.0 – $5599
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Sending the Sender at Crankworx.

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Three models and a wide range of specs make up the Sender CF range. Canyon now also offers downhillers one of the broadest size ranges on the market, from S to XL, so riders of all dimensions can find the perfect fit.

The Sender CF is available to order right now exclusively at Canyon.com.