Bontrager oven crispies

The not-so-minor details


Bontrager RXL shoes


Trek Bicycles Australia






Available in black or white, beefed-up scuff protection and super-adjustable Micro-Fit buckle allowing quick on-the-bike pressure releases.


The Micro-Fit buckle sits prominently on the outside of the shoe, making it the target for wayward trail obstacles.

From the stiff Silver Series Carbon sole and the super-adjustable Micro-Fit buckle to the attention to detail coarse anti-slip heel fabric, there’s a lot to love about the RXLs. [private]

Remembering our old 2011 RXLs, it’s easy to appreciate the changes to the new 2012 model. Now a strip of fabric is fitted externally, from toe to heel cup, just above the sole and upper join to improve the shoe’s scuff resistance in this high-wear area.

Pop them in the oven for a snug and toasty fit.

Additionally, the RXL now comes with a custom heat-molded footbed. We had visions of the RXLs molding like a carbon skin suit to our heels, where they would always at the ready, never to be taken off. Turns out it’s just the sole inserts that are moldable, though they still left us with a super-snugly tailored but comfortable fit.

Aussie shoe-cooks take note, though: the RXL’s how-to sheet is one instruction manual that you must read carefully. I almost fired up the oven to 200ºC instead of 200ºF! Talk about an expensive carbon tax.

Overall, the RXLs offer the perfect fit for cross country racing and for high-speed reps to get away from those pimps who will want your shoes. But even if they do get their hands on your slippers, good luck to ‘em. These babies are custom molded! [/private]

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