E*thirteen TRS+ 29er Wheel Set

The not-so-minor details


E*thirteen TRS+ 29er Wheel Set








Want a carbon wheel set but can’t afford them? Look no further. These wheels are super stiff, reasonably light and durable.


Massive hub divides opinions when it comes to looks, super loud free hub could turn you off, or give you a massive head ache.

The stiffest 29er wheel set we have ever ridden.

It’s a big statement, but E*thirteen have produced a game changing product, one that may even convince the die-hard 26inch rider that it is possible to produce big wheels that are equal in stiffness to their smaller rival, all for just $1299.

Big and strong and loud.

The big difference, and we mean “big” in this wheel set is the hub. [private] Both hubs use an oversize carbon body that is bonded to a 6061 alloy flange, this keeps the weight down and strength and stiffness up, and allows a shorter spoke length to be used in the wheel build, one of the secrets to the wheels overall stiffness.

The hubs are easily converted; the front can run 15mm or 20mm and the rear 142×12 or 135mm, all with a quick change of adaptors. The hubs run quality sealed bearings and are easy to service and replace.  The rear free hub mechanism, which was designed in-house by E*thirteen, is a cracker. 60 point engagement means it’s super fast, with low drag and appears to be super reliable. One point that will divide opinion is the noise when freewheeling — it is loud! Definitely the loudest we have ever heard, and if you like chatting while you are rolling along, forget about it.

If you like to chat on your ride bring your yelling voice. This freehub is loud.

The E*thirteen rims should not be forgotten in this story, the Scandium 32 hole hoops  are stiff, light and much stronger than alloy. With an internal width of 21mm E*thirteen recommend running tyres up to 2.35 inches wide. They are also tubeless ready, and include valves and rim strips in the box. Bonus!

The wheel set is built up with DT Swiss Super comp spokes and pro lock nipples, which makes replacing them an easy job if ever needed. The front wheel comes in at 805g and the rear 957g, making a total weight of 1762g (claimed weight), very respectable for a super stiff do everything wheel set.

Out on the trail these wheels certainly made an impact.  As soon as we turned a pedal we noticed how quickly they get up to speed and the stiffness was felt. But it was not until we started tackling some more technical terrain that they truly shined. Admittedly we had them set up to a FOX 34, 15mm thru axle fork and a 142×12 rear end, adding another level of confidence and stiffness to an already awesome set up. We could point and shoot down any terrain we could find and these wheels handled it, and with ease.

Have we mentioned big? The oversized hubs on the E*thirteen TRS+ wheels are the key to making them strong.

The E*thirteen TRS+ 29er wheel set will add another dimension of stiffness and durability for all riders that enjoy big wheels, and only the truly weight conscious may have an issue with them. For the majority of 29er riders that enjoy trail riding, the occasional race or more technical terrain we recommended you add these to your Santa shopping list right now! [/private]


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