Finish Line Chain Cleaning Kit

The not-so-minor details


FInish Line Chain Cleaning Kit


Velo Vita + TMO Sports



Finish Line Super Shop Quality Chain Cleaner

Dry Teflon Chain Lube


Multi Bike Degreaser



Get a like-new drivetrain in five minutes flat.


Once word gets round, your riding mates will be booking their bikes in for some 'me time' at your place.

Ahh, at last – a pamper kit for your drivetrain.

Fresh off some trails that had left our drivetrains caked in crud, we were stoked to lay our hands on this drivetrain pamper kit, which teams up Finish Line’s latest chain cleaner with its Multi Bike Degreaser and DRY Teflon Bike Lube.

The Super Shop Quality Chain Cleaner is a sturdy, well-conceived little gadget.

The brush wheel bristles were stiff enough to get in between chain links, and the fins through the tail section of the unit scraped any remaining gunge from the outside of the chain. [private]

The chamber takes just 40ml of degreaser, and the weight on the base of the unit meant we could sit it on the ground to fill it.

We had to hold the unit a good two inches below the chain line to get everything aligned and running smoothly. But in the right possie, it worked a treat.

You might have to find that perfect position to get it working right but it’s sure worth the effort.

The Multi Bike Degreaser we used with the chain cleaner had more bite than an Opposition Party Leader in a pre-election debate.

The Multi Degreaser can be diluted up to 1:4, though Finish Line recommends using it undiluted. We used it in the chain cleaner and scrubbed some directly on the back cassette, and it ate up the grit and gummed up red dirt and old wax lube no worries. It did work faster at full strength, but even watered down it stripped the crud off nice and quick.

The DRY Teflon Bike Lube was a revelation. Called a dry lube because it gives a dry film-type finish, rather than because it is for ‘dry’ conditions, Finish Line’s Dry lube went on easy, and stayed on – and our chain never looked so good!

We put the DRY Lube through its paces through the red dirt of Central Australia and through sand and a string of oceanic puddles in the Cape to Cape, and the lube stayed firmly bonded to our chain and did not attract every atom of dust and dirt on the track.

All this day spa-quality TLC left our drivetrain looking and sounding straight-off-the-shelf again. Eureka!

Before, during and after. If you’re still cleaning your chain with a 5 year old oil, grease and dirt covered rag then you need to stop and go out and get one of these kits.  It’s amazing how clean your chain will become.



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