Fresh Product: Drift Stealth 2, Smallest and Lightest Drift Camera

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Drift Stealth 2


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Tiny in size, low on weight.


Nothing we can see, full review coming soon.

Drift Innovation announce their eighth generation camera, a tiny and lightweight version of their popular Drift Ghost camera, the Drift Stealth 2. At only 97 grams, this mini device answers the need for smaller and lighter cameras to further extend the usability of the wearable camera.

The addition of the Drift Stealth 2 expands their current range to three option, the small Stealth sits alongside the Drift HD Ghost and premium feature-packed Drift Ghost-S. In an effort to decrease weight and size, the Stealth’s list of features is reduced in comparison to it’s bigger brothers, but we believe the success of a good camera is not the amount of dazzling tech features, but the ease of use of capturing video and photos that we can actually use.

A colour coded LCD display indicates the shooting mode, and three small buttons navigate the menu with remarkable simplicity.

Read our earlier review of the bigger Ghost-S here.

Drift Stealth 2 2
Tiny, yep.

Three hours of recording time, 60fps at 720p or 30fps at 1080p, 12MP still images, 135 degree view and a rotating lens are the standout features. A new Android and IOS app ‘Drift Connect’ is on the way too, to help you set up shots, record remotely and share via your mobile device. Wifi connectivity with these cameras is super handy, and can help eliminate those throw-away shots due to bad angles with camera pointing the wrong way.

What sets the Drift apart from the others is the rotating lens, with 300 degrees of rotation, you can mount it to anything, and roll the from element around to achieve a horizontal recording shot, too easy!

Drift Stealth 2 3
The Stealth on the right, next to the original HD Ghost.
Drift Stealth 2 6
The Stealth loses the live screen in favour of a back-lit LCD screen. Colour coded to communicate shooting modes, clever.

For a fair $329 the Stealth is also the cheapest of the Drift options, but if you’re after a completely waterproof camera with the highest frame rates and recording sizes, the Drift HD and Ghost-S is still available for $399 and $499 respectively.

Expect a full review of the Stealth 2 on Flow very soon!


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