JetBlack Z1 Fluid HYDROGEL SRS Trainer

The not-so-minor details


JetBlack Z1 Fluid HYDROGEL SRS






Beefy frame construction. Quiet operation. Variable and real resistance controlled by the rider.


Awkward to operate without a front wheel riser block. A phone book will do the job (what else are they used for!) however we’d love to see the optional JetBlack Riser Block shipped with the trainer.

If you’re like us and can remember back when indoor trainers generated resistance by a mini wind turbine making conversations impossible the thought of training indoors doesn’t hold much appeal.

Thankfully though the Z1 Fluid HYDROGEL SRS by Aussie company JetBlack has got it all sorted and the turbines have gone with the wind. [private]

Resistance is progressive (up to a claimed 900 watts) and is best described as when you pedal harder more feedback is generated giving a realistic speed to resistance feel. There’s no dials or knobs to flaff about with making it a simple operation. When we wanted to work harder we just clicked down some gears, gave it some and the Z1 did the rest.

Mounting to the Z1 was quick via the lever operated Smart Release System (SRS) and after an initial setup of skewer orientation to fit into the mounting cone and fine adjustment of the drive side cone in 15 seconds we were be ready to ride every time. So simple, quick and secure enough that your bike won’t shoot through the TV.

With fluid resistance and a HYDROGEL roller, operating noise was quiet and normal volume conversations were easily held when using a roadie or slicks. Mountain bike tyres can be used however we found that it’s best to slick it up, as apart from the increased noise you’ll be loosing tread fast and making your own slick.

Whether you’re after a secret training machine or a smart way to fit more riding into your day/night the Z1 Fluid HYDROGEL is a solid Aussie option.

The JetBlack HydroGell SRS


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