Review | The Lazer Cage is a techy and surprisingly airy full face lid

The not-so-minor details


Lazer Cage


449.95 AUD




- Kineticore supports a boat load of airflow
- No rattles or creaking
- Magnetic buckle
- The rubber bumper around the edges of the shell is a nice touch


- It's not lightweight
- No dial based retention system

Lazer’s Cage is the Belgian outfit’s latest lightweight, airy, full-face helmet. Replacing the Revolution, a convertible enduro lid that wasn’t exactly a looker, the Cage is better in every way.

Lazer has left the convertible enduro lid behind with the new Cage. And we say good riddance!

Kineticore for the win

Under the hood, the Cage features Lazer’s Kineticore technology. Using foam fingers that create crumple zones, Kineticore is said to reduce the rotational impact transmitted to your brain in a crash. We can’t speak to how well it stacks up against MIPS or other systems designed to combat these forces, however, the Cage is the first full face lid to achieve a five-star rating from Virginia Tech’s Helmet Safety Lab. The carbon fibre-reinforced fibreglass shell is also ASTM certified, so the Cage can be used for DH racing locally and abroad.

We’ll have to take Lazer’s word on Kineticore’s ability to combat rotational forces in a crash. What we can say about it is, damn, it channels a lot of air through the helmet.

What we can speak to however, is the way the Kineticore channels airflow. With 13 vents in the shell, and a handful more in the chin-bar, it’s not the most open, more-holes-than-a-piece-of-swiss-cheese, type arrangement. However, the way the Kineticore pattern channels air across your head is impressive. It’s one of the airiest full-face lids we’ve used to date.

Lazer has opted for a fixed visor on the Cage, and the Belgian outfit says this is also a decision driven by safety. In its testing, adjustable visors caused more rotation after the impact, creating additional angular forces, whereas the fixed visor just breaks off, turning the helmet less. While we can’t speak with authority to the reduction of force — there is a video on Lazer’s website showing the test, take from that what you will — we can say, the peak is well out of view, while still offering some sun and rain protection.

According to our scales the Cage weighs 920g, but in your hand and on your head it sure doesn’t feel like it.

Feels lighter than it is

Weighing in at 920g in size large, the Cage is not the lightest helmet in this category by a long shot, but it’s definitely light on the head. We’re unsure whether it’s the Kineticore or something about the overall construction, but it doesn’t feel like it’s pushing a kilo in your hand or on your head.

The helmet fits true to size, and Lazer includes two sets of cheek pads to ensure it stays securely in place on your noggin. They pop in and out without too much faff, and can be removed if you’re seeking a bit of relief on a toasty liaison. The magnetic Fidlock buckle is also a nice touch.

Despite the lack of a dial-based fit system, the Cage fits securely. Lazer includes two different sized sets of cheek pads to allow some adjustment.

A notable omission, however is some sort of dial-based fit system. It’s not the only helmet of this type to forgo this added adjustability — TLD’s Stage omits a retention system, too — but Fox, POC, and Specialized all have them.

With a fixed visor and no slip liners to move around while you’re being violently shaken on a rough descent, the helmet doesn’t rattle or squeak. Lazer has also lined the edges of the shell — the bottom edge and around where goggles sit — with a rubbery material, which protects the foam from dings and dents. We’re also big fans of Lazer (and Shimano) minimising the amount of plastic used in its packing. Literally, the only thing that isn’t recycled cardboard is the small cable tie used to connect the hang tags to the strap — well done Lazer.

The Cage is better than Lazer’s previous enduro-focused full-face lids in every way and has excelled in the SEQ heat and humidity.

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