First Ride | The Pivot Shuttle AM is an e-Switchblade with Bosch power

The not-so-minor details


Pivot Shuttle AM


Pivot Cycles Australia


- Superb, cloud-like suspension
- Mighty Bosch CX motor with neat integration
- Comfortable all-day riding position
- Formidable climber


- Rattly brake pads and motor
- Pivot price tag

Launched in 2017, the Pivot Shuttle was the first electric mountain bike from the Arizona-based company. The Shuttle has received a number of updates since then, which eventually led to it morphing into two distinct platforms in 2022; the Shuttle LT and the Shuttle SL.

Now we have a third model entering the fray. It’s called the Shuttle AM, and it’s the first e-MTB from Pivot Cycles to be designed around a Bosch drive unit. Slotting in between its two siblings, the Shuttle AM promises to be the Goldilocks of the bunch. We recently swung a leg over the bike to get to grips with all that’s new.

What does AM stand for, Amazingly Marvellous?

An overview of the Pivot Shuttle AM

As the abbreviation implies, the Pivot Shuttle AM is designed to be a versatile All Mountain bike that sits in a similar space to popular e-MTBs like the Specialized Levo, the Trek Rail and Canyon Spectral:ON.

Effectively a motorised version of the Switchblade, the Shuttle AM is equipped with a 160mm travel fork and 148mm of rear travel via the dw-link suspension platform. It rolls on dual 29in wheels, though it is possible to set it up as a mullet.

The full carbon frame is built around a Bosch Performance CX drive unit with a 625 or 750Wh battery inside the downtube. The battery isn’t designed to be easily removable, so it needs to be charged in situ. This does allow Pivot to utilise a fully-enclosed downtube that is lighter and stiffer.

Integrated into the top tube is the discreet Bosch System Controller that indicates your chosen assist mode and battery status. A wireless Mini Remote next to the left-hand grip allows you to change the assist level and engage Walk mode when needed. Minimising wires further, the Performance CX drive unit incorporates a hidden speed sensor that utilises a magnet located on the tubeless valve of the rear wheel to measure wheel speed.

The Shuttle AM strikes a very similar silhouette to other Pivots, and has that trademark cloud-like feel too.

What’s the difference between the Pivot Shuttle AM, Shuttle LT and Shuttle SL?

Given the Pivot Shuttle is now available in three variations, it might be a little confusing trying to work out the differences between them. Here’s a brief look at the key specs of each model;

As you’ll see from that list, Pivot is now using three different motor manufacturers across its e-MTB platforms. This might initially seem a bit odd, but it’s becoming an increasingly common theme amongst other mountain bike brands, where specific motor systems are chosen for different applications. Trek for example uses a Fazua system on the E-Caliber, a TQ system on the Fuel EXe and a Bosch system on the Rail.

Pivot Shuttle AM geometry & size chart

While the Pivot Shuttle AM is an electric Switchblade in spirit, the geometry differences highlight how much Pivot has been pushing in recent years.

The Shuttle AM gets a much slacker 64.1° head angle, and the reach is also quite a bit longer. A Medium comes in at 461mm and a Large sits at 476mm.

It’s impressive to see such short chainstays on the Shuttle AM, which is a difficult thing to achieve with a Bosch drive unit. The rear centre comes in at 444mm, which is quite compact for a full 29er. This has been made possible thanks to the Super Boost 157x12mm rear hub spacing, which offsets the drivetrain slightly to add vital room for the chainstay yoke.

A Fox Float X shock squished by a DW Link suspension system is a very good thing.

Pivot has also done well to keep standover heights low while providing clearance for a full-size bottle on all frames. The bottle can be sacrificed for a 250Wh Bosch PowerMore range extender battery, which can be purchased separately to create a whopping 1000Wh of capacity – whoa!

There’s a 2-position flip chip integrated into the seatstay pivot, which in the High setting will lift the BB by 5mm while steepening the angles by 0.4°. It is possible to set up the Shuttle AM as a mullet with a 27.5in rear wheel, though Pivot recommends using the High flip chip setting and preferably a 2.6in rear tyre to lift things up a touch.

Pivot Shuttle AM Size Chart

Pivot Shuttle AM price & specs

There will be three spec options in the Pivot Shuttle AM lineup, with prices starting at $15,999 AUD for the Ride SLX/XT model.

All models feature a Fox 36 fork and Float X shock, DT Swiss e-MTB wheels and Maxxis Minion tyres with EXO+ casings.

At the top of the pile is the Shuttle AM Team XX Transmission, which is claimed to weigh just 21.7kg. That’s very impressive for a full-powered e-MTB equipped with a 750Wh battery, though you will pay for it. The price on that one is a whopping $23,999 AUD. Holy mackerel!


2024 pivot shuttle am team xx e-mtb electric
With its blingy, no-compromise build kit, the Pivot Shuttle AM Team XX model will set you back no less than $23,999 AUD. Wow!

2024 Pivot Shuttle AM Team XX Eagle Transmission

2024 pivot shuttle am pro x0 e-mtb electric
The Pivot Shuttle Pro X0 features a SRAM X0 Transmission, Fox Factory Series suspension and and a Transfer dropper post.

2024 Pivot Shuttle AM Pro X0 Eagle Transmission

2024 pivot shuttle am ride slx/xt e-mtb electric
The entry-level Pivot Shuttle AM utilises a mix of Shimano Deore, SLX and XT running gear, along with Fox Performance Series suspension and DT Swiss wheels.

2024 Pivot Shuttle AM Ride SLX/XT

SRAM on a Pivot is so 2024.

Riding the Pivot Shuttle AM

The Pivot Shuttle AM, a bike that has been on our radar for a while, finally got its day in the sun as we took it out for a spin on our local trails. The experience was nothing short of memorable. The Shuttle AM is a dream machine, boasting the signature cloud-like suspension that we’ve come to associate with the American brand. The Bosch Performance CX Motor adds to the bike’s appeal, making it punchy and ultra-grounded.

The Bosch motor is a standout feature of the Shuttle AM. When compared to its main competitor, the Shimano EP801, the Bosch motor delivers a punchy, powerful, and strong ride. It has an override that keeps you going up climbs, even when you can’t maintain pedalling.

The Bosch Performance CX motor pulls harder than a magnet in a junkyard.
In an era where mixed wheel sizes are becoming popular, it’s nice to be reminded how well 29in bikes climb.

The ability to ratchet up a climb and focus less on maintaining gas for motor engagement is a game-changer. The override does its job perfectly, and when paired with a 29in rear wheel, the Shuttle AM out-climbs the Specialized Levo on uphill trails.

The new Bosch elements, including the top tube display, the wireless remote, and the smart system, are exceptional. They give the bike a clean, sleek look, something brands have been striving to achieve for years. With Bosch now providing a clean interface that integrates well into the frame, brands like Pivot can finally catch up with bikes like the Specialized Levo.

However, the Bosch rattle is still present. It’s an inevitable side effect of the ratchet system disengaging from the motor for excellent low-drag pedalling over the 25km/hr cutoff. It’s a small price to pay for the benefits it brings. The motor rattle combined with the Shimano XT finned pads, makes for a noisy bike, which is a shame considering how the rest of the bike is finished so well.

The suspension is cloud-like, and the front end is very long, promoting a confident (reckless?) riding attitude.

Formidable yet bulky 29in wheels

29in wheels definitely make their presence felt when compared to a mixed-wheel bike, which is becoming more popular in this segment. The large rear wheel doesn’t tip into turns as easily and feels less natural on bike-park-style berms. On steep trails with a series of turns, you can feel the size of the bike beneath you. Despite this, the 29er rear wheel is formidable on steep climbs. The trade-off is there, but Pivot has done a great job of creating a short rear end that feels stiff and solid without being too bulky. The use of Super Boost hub spacing is sure to be a contributing factor to this.

Ratcheting the cranks up janky climbs, the Bosch’s override helps keep the power on when you can’t put full pedal strokes in.

Pivot’s hallmark suspension performance is another highlight of the Pivot Shuttle AM. It has a cloud-like feel, so smooth that you might think you’re losing tire pressure. The trade-off is that it’s a bit hard to pull and jump, making the bike feel heavier than it is. Further tuning of the rear suspension via volume spacers would be our first go-to in an effort to add more pop to the bike’s trail manners.

The construction of the frame is impressive, with the motor and the DW lower link seamlessly built into a fairly small area. The rear end feels compact due to this integration. The ability to fit so much into such a small area is commendable, with 440mm length chainstays on a bike with a dual-link suspension design being quite an achievement.

SRAM Transmission on an e-MTB is another standout feature. It always works, especially when you’re mashing away gears on climbs or changing gears while the motor is fully engaged; it’s sensational.

Flow’s Early Verdict

For many Pivot enthusiasts out there, the Shuttle AM will be the e-MTB they’ve been waiting for. It’s got more power and range than the Shuttle SL, while being lighter and more approachable than the Shuttle LT.

The Bosch system is excellent, and it’s been beautifully integrated into the frame. Pivot has worked some serious magic getting the chainstays to be this short, despite the dual 29in wheel setup and DW-Link suspension platform. And while it’s not as shreddy as an equivalent mullet setup, it does deliver masses of grip, comfort and stability across rough terrain, making it a terrific option for big all-day missions in the hills.

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