Bare Creek Bike Park

Destination overview

Bare Creek Bike Park is one of only a few high flying freeride parks in Australia, and it’s in the middle of Sydney of all places. Built in late 2019 on the site of a remediated rubbish tip, it’s a council-run facility, and Bare Creek is free to access, offering ample opportunity for riders at every skill level to put some air underneath their tyres.

Ride Bare Creek

Bare Creek Bike Park was initially slated to be a trail and XC style network, with singletrack spanning across the entirety of the site — that idea had to be binned due to the infrastructure required to protect gas wells on the site. So the folks from Sydney’s Trail Care proposed a new concept with a smaller footprint.

About a decade later, riders first took to the air above Bare Creek Bike Park. Constructed by Dirt Art, the freeride park has jumps, drops, a flow trail, a pump track and a kids track. Features range from absolute beginners to high-consequence prolines, but the beauty of Bare Creek is that there is an opportunity for progression. All the features are built so no brakes or mid-line sprints are required to make the landing, and it provides the opportunity for riders to safely work their way up to the larger features as their skills improve.

No shuttles needed

There is only about 100m of elevation, and there are no shuttles, so you’ll have to earn your turns, but it’s a mellow climb back to the top.

For the perfectly sculpted lips and head-high berms to hold their shape, the trail surface is almost entirely clay, and with that, the park is subject to closure after wet weather — features may be closed based on wind conditions too. Before you plan a trip to Bare Creek, check the Trail Crew Facebook Page, or the Northern Beaches Council website, and have a gander at the wind forecast too.


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