Destination overview

Not far from Buxton, and Lake Mountain, Eildon Mountain Bike Park has been welcoming riders for more than two decades.

The network is based around a pair of loops and a DH track there were originally built to host national series events, however, more recently, the Murrindindi Cycle Club have created a 3km beginner loop.

Oldschool XC

The two intermediate loops (one blue, one black) are both about 10km in length and exemplify the old-school XC trails we all know and love — narrow, technical, steep pinch climbs and switchbacks that require some brainpower to navigate. Since they were formalised in 2019, they received a once-over to improve drainage, sustainability and flow — but they aren’t wide garden paths by any means.

The DH track, named the Karalika Express, has also received a few updates, but the majority has been left to its janky goodness. Think fast off-camber corners, janky rock gardens, root balls into ruts and unavoidable jumps and drops — it’s a ripping good time.

How do you get to Eildon Mountain Bike Park?

The trailhead is actually on the opposite side of town, next to the cricket club. From the parking lot, it’s a lovely pedal next to the Eildon Pondage around the edge of town and into the forest. All of the trails are well signposted, and if you can find someone to drive, the Karalika Express can be shuttled.

Eildon is about 40-min from Marysville and makes a great addition to a Lake Mountain Weekender.


Region Trail Map

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