Enduro Style Check: So Sideways in Rotorua

Stage one in the enduro was on a new trail in the Whakawerawera Forest, called Kataore. The locals call it ‘Cutties’, the unpredictable traction and loose off-camber nature of the track is seriously intense to ride. You need to race it, don’t try and just ‘ride’ down or it will throw you off your bike and into the dirt.

We checked out Kataore during the practice session, and saw rider after rider hit the deck attempting to get through through sections of trail riddled with slippery roots and steep turns at speed. So, naturally we bolted up to one of the wildest corners when it came to race day, and caught a handful of the final elite men trying their luck at making it through rubber side down.

Interpreted many ways, the riders approached the corner with varying technique, and outcomes. Here is how it unfolded.

EWS Style Check 66
Richie Rude.
EWS Style Check 61
Jamie Nicoll.
EWS Style Check 60
Greg Callaghan.
EWS Style Check 55
Bryan Regnier.
EWS Style Check 50
Remy Absalon.
EWS Style Check 48
Cedric Gracia.
EWS Style Check 41
Alexandre Cure.
EWS Style Check 36
Curtis Keene.
EWS Style Check 33
Martin Maes.
EWS Style Check 30
Yoann Barelli.
EWS Style Check 28
Francois Bailly-Maitre.
EWS Style Check 22
Joe Barnes.
EWS Style Check 18
Florian Nicolai.
EWS Style Check 15
Nico Lau.
EWS Style Check 11
Justin Leov.
EWS Style Check 4 (1)
Damien Oton.

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