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Price: $206 Available From: SRAM

Up to this point, if you have SRAM AXS components, you have been shackled to the single battery charger that comes with every AXS component. It’s not such a big deal if you just have one battery on your derailleur, but if you have multiples, say for a Reverb AXS, or Flight Attendant — or both— it required some forward planning to ensure everything had juice. Finally, SRAM has listened to our cries for a better solution, and we have the aptly named Four Battery Charger.

Here’s three reasons why the SRAM Four Battery Charger will be a vital accessory for your inventory.

Reason 1: Efficient charging

The standout feature of the charger is its ability to simultaneously charge up to four SRAM AXS batteries at one time. This efficiency means that riders can keep their entire electronic systems juiced up and ready to perform without needing multiple chargers or individual charging sessions. It also features a USB-C interface, improving conductivity and speeding up the process. According to SRAM, it takes 60 minutes for four batteries to go from flat to full, and even less time if you have fewer batteries in the mix. LED lights indicate the charging status, providing you with clear information about your batteries’ trail readiness.

SRAM Four Battery Charger
Charge level and power draw of the batteries are indicated by coloured LED lights.
SRAM Four Battery Charger
The USB-C interface improves conductivity and broadens compatibility which means you can use the same cord to charge your smartphone.

Reason 2: Increasing compatibility and future-proofing your setup

SRAM AXS componentry is rapidly gaining popularity among riders of all disciplines, and we are seeing it arrive on more stock bike builds than ever before. Whether it be a Rockshox Reverb AXS Dropper Post, a SRAM GX AXS T-Type group set, Rockshox Flight Attendant, or even the SRAM XPLR Gravel groupset, the batteries are interchangeable, making it excellent if you have multiple bikes or four batteries on the one bike.

SRAM Four Battery Charger
SRAM AXS is coming stock on more and more bikes and being able to charge them all up at once removes a lot of headaches.
SRAM Four Battery Charger
All SRAM AXS batteries are conveniently universal

Reason 3: Convenience on the go

Riders who frequently travel or participate in multi-day events will appreciate the convenience of the SRAM Four Battery Charger. Its compact and ability to charge multiple batteries simultaneously means you don’t have to think to make sure everything has enough power for the next day. No more worrying about carrying extra chargers or finding enough outlets in your hotel room – this charger will have you covered.

The SRAM Four Battery Charger is pretty darn expensive at an eyewatering $206 AUD, but considering how many times we’ve left the house partially charged or even dead batteries, we think it’s a worthwhile investment.

SRAM Four Battery Charger
The fast charging gets the batteries to 75% extra quick, so don’t fret if you’re rushing out the door.

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