Mondraker gets Foxy with an updated enduro bike and the new Raze

Mondraker’s Forward Geometry arguably kicked off the current trend of ever-longer frames. As far back as 2013, the Spanish outfit was making everything from XC bikes to DH sleds with roomy front ends and stumpy short stems. It seems they may have been onto something all those years ago.

The bikes aren’t as long as some of the super boutique brands like Pole or GeoMetron, but Mondraker has always been on the front foot of the front centre length. With the launch of an updated Foxy enduro bike and the all-new Raze trail bike, the Spanish outfit is still hacia adelante (translation: moving forward).

Mondraker Foxy
Mondraker has given the Foxy Carbon a revamp for 2022.


2022 Mondraker Foxy overview

Mondraker first released the Foxy in 2004, and adopted its current silhouette around 2015. At first glance, the new Foxy may not look all that different to its predecessor, but the Spanish outfit has been working hard on small refinements that ultimately make this bike a whole new animal.

The new Foxy is made from the brand’s Stealth Air Carbon from tip to tail. Yep, that means the rocker link and the rear triangle, in addition to the front end.  This full-carbon fit-out means the Foxy is pretty darn light, with the Carbon XR build claimed to weigh 12.9kg. For perspective, this puts the Foxy in the same weight category as the new Trek Top Fuel (12.88kg), which doesn’t have a piggyback shock, a fork with 36mm stanchions, big rotors or burly tyres — you get the idea.

Mondraker does offer the Foxy with an alloy frame, but at the time of writing, it does not appear these will be getting a revamp.

Rolling on 29in wheels, the frame itself is based around 150mm of rear travel and is paired with a 160mm or 170mm fork.

Mondraker Foxy
Mondraker debuted the Mind telemetry system in February this year, and it’s appearing on more bikes throughout the brand’s range.

Zero Suspension System and Mind Telemetry

Zero is Mondraker’s virtual pivot suspension layout, which utilises two links that control and compress the shock from both ends — think Santa Cruz VPP, but slightly different.

This suspension layout creates a ‘floating’ shock which the brand says creates oodles of pedalling efficiency and small bump sensitivity, without pedal kickback or brake jack. Unfortunately, Mondraker did not mention any numbers relating to the kinematics, so we’ll have to take their word for it until we can get one. The brand did confirm, however, that the new Foxy is coil compatible.

The new Foxy features Mondraker’s Mind telemetry system. The fork and shock are fitted with sensors that monitor your suspension, and recommend settings to help you extract maximum performance. The fender-looking doohickey sitting behind the fork crown is actually a sensor which tracks how the lowers move up the stanchions as you ride, and its distance from a magnet attached to the main pivot.

Mondraker Foxy
Mondraker’s Zero Suspension design uses dual links that compress the shock from both ends.

Using data collected every millisecond, this information is packaged and presented in the MyMondraker App, which gives you recommendations on air pressure, and ideal compression and rebound settings. The system also keeps track of jumps and bottom outs.

The Mind system also has a built-in GPS chip, and Mondraker bikes can record your ride without the need for a head unit or a connection to your phone. When you finish, the file can be synced with the companion app,  which can then push the file to the third-party app of your choice, like Strava. There is also a built-in antitheft system that will send a push notification to your phone if your bike is moved, and the app can help you track the location if it’s stolen.

All of this runs an integrated rechargeable battery, and Mondraker says a full charge should last 20-hours of ride time and over 15-days in standby mode.

Foxy Geometry

The Foxy Carbon is a long bike, but only in the front. The size medium frame sees a 470mm reach, a 623mm stack, 435mm chainstays and a wheelbase of 1227mm. Compared to a bike in the same category, like a Yeti SB 150, a medium frame has a 460mm reach, 614mm stack, 433mm chainstay and a 1223mm wheelbase. The Foxy’s head angle is half a degree steeper than the SB150, while the seat angle is one-degree slacker.

The idea behind this long front centre is to move the rider’s weight further behind the front axle for added confidence in steeper terrain. The trade-off is that you need to descend in a more aggressive position to get the front tyre to bite.

Mondraker Foxy Geometry
The new Foxy Carbon’s geometry has been further refined using the brand’s Forward Geometry ethos.

Compared to the previous Foxy, the updated version is one-degree slacker at the front, and has the same seat tube angle and chainstay length. Interestingly, the reach is 5mm shorter (size M), and the frame has 4mm more BB drop.

Hidden on the lower shock link is a flip-chip that drops the bottom bracket by 5mm, slackening the head angle by half a degree, the seat angle by .3-degrees and shortening the reach by 5mm. Swapping this flip-chip also lengthens the chainstays by 10mm.

If that doesn’t quench your thirst for adjustable geometry, Mondraker also includes offset headset cups which tweak the head angle by +/- 1-degree without affecting anything else.

Foxy Carbon Frame features

With the rear shock running through the middle of the seat tube, Mondraker has spec’d a custom fender to block what would otherwise be a constant spray of trail debris, aimed squarely at the last place you want it. At the bottom bracket there is a bit of protection to fend off rocks kicked up by your front tyre, and the right-hand chainstay has a ribbed, high-density rubber guard to keep the chain quiet.

The Foxy is the latest bike to run the cables and brake hose through the top headset bearing into the frame. We’ll concede it’s a clean look, but buckle up when that bearing gives up, because you’re in for a big job. At least Mondraker has made the process a little easier with its ‘Hidden Housing Guide’ system, which sees internal cable stops to prevent rattling.

We’re also happy to report that Mondraker is doing its part to banish creaks and difficult to find parts by using a threaded bottom bracket and SRAM’s Universal Derailleur Hanger. You’ll also find ISCG05 mounts and what Mondraker calls the ‘Fidlock integration pocket,’ which allows for a standard bottle cage or a purpose-built low profile receiver for the magnetic bottles — similar to what YT uses.

Mondraker Raze
Is the Raze a rowdy F-Podium or a baby Foxy?

2022 Mondraker Raze

For a long time, the Factor served as Mondraker’s trail platform but it disappeared from the brand’s catalogue in 2019. This meant the Spanish outfit’s naturally aspirated bikes jumped straight from the XCO ready F-Podium to the Foxy. The new Raze fills this gap.

With 130mm of rear travel and a 150mm fork, like the Foxy, the Raze is made entirely of Mondraker’s Stealth Air Carbon — rear triangle, rocker and all. Claimed frame weight, sans rear shock, is less than 2kg, but Mondraker doesn’t specify how far under two chickens the scale reads. Complete bikes are claimed to weigh 12.5kg for the Raze RR build and 13.2kg for the Raze R.

Mondraker Raze
All carbon everything for the Raze.

Raze Suspension

The Raze sees Mondraker’s dual-link, Zero suspension system and features an all-new lower link, said to improve stiffness.

Looking after the rear squish is a custom-tuned Fox DPS shock, with light compression, extra light rebound and a 0.6 volume spacer installed. At launch, the brand hasn’t provided any anti-squat/anti-rise or leverage curve figures, but does tell us it aims to combine the F-Podium and Foxy’s best characteristics.

The Spanish outfit has also trickled its MIND telemetry system into the Raze, to help riders get the most out of their suspension.

Raze geometry

The Raze, too, receives Mondraker’s Forward Geometry treatment, and it is equally as radical as the longer travel Foxy. A size medium frame has a 475mm reach, 617mm stack, 65.5-degree head angle, 76.5-degree seat angle, 435mmm chainstays and a 1217mm wheelbase in a size medium frame.

Mondraker Raze Geometry

Compared to something like the Norco Optic, which is one of the more progressive trail bikes on the market, a medium Raze measures closer to the size large frame than a medium.

Of course, we should note the small, medium, and large labels a bike manufacturer slaps on its frames are all relative, which is why some brands like Specialized are moving away from these labels, and encouraging folks to choose bikes based on reach.

Mondraker Raze
The rear shock is directly in the firing line of the rear tyre, so Mondraker has shrouded it with a mudguard.

Raze Frame Features

Similar to the Foxy, the Raze gets an integrated rear shock guard, and frame protection. The cables are wrangled by Mondraker’s Internal Hidden Housing guide system, running through the top headset bearing, all the way to their destination at the rear of the bike, without exiting at the BB.

The Raze also gets the Fidlock integration pocket, SRAM’s  Universal derailleur hanger, a threaded BB (yeew!) and ISCG05 mounts.

2022 Mondraker Foxy & Raze spec and pricing

Mondraker’s Australian distributor Advanced Traders is bringing two models of the Raze and three Foxys down under.

Each Raze features Fox suspension with a 36 fork, a Float DPS at the back, and SRAM drivetrains.

The Foxy will come in one build with Fox suspension, while the other two bounce on Öhlins shocks, with the range topping XR model upping the fork travel by 10mm to 170mm.

Advanced Traders have told Flow we can expect the new Foxy to arrive in March next year, with the Raze expected a month later. Read on for the full spec and pricing.

Mondraker Foxy
The Foxy Carbon XR bumps up the front travel to 170mm and features Öhlins suspension.

2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon XR

Mondraker Foxy
Jumping down in price and front travel, the Foxy RR still uses the Swedish suspension, but slots in a 160mm fork.

2022 Mondraker Foxy Carbon RR

Mondraker Foxy
The Foxy R is the only model coming to Aus that features Fox suspension.

2022 Mondraker Foxy Caron R

Mondraker Raze
Unlike the Foxy, the top-spec Raze gets Kashima coated bouncy bits and doesn’t bump up the travel.

2022 Mondraker Raze Carbon RR

Mondraker Raze
The cheapest Raze coming to Australia is super stealthy, and sees Fox suspension, and a mix of SRAM NX and GX drivetrain components.

2022 Mondraker Raze Carbon R

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