The 2023 Fox 36 claims to be lighter and ‘more durable’ with new crown

It was barely two years ago when the Fox 36 was last overhauled, arriving alongside the brand new 38 and updated 40. With their distinctive curved arches, the big-hitting trio ushered in a new aesthetic for the latest generation Fox forks, along with a whole suite of fresh technologies including the lower leg bypass channels, bleeder valves and a floating axle. While the Fox 36 has since gone on to be retain its position as one of the best suspension forks on the market, Fox Racing Shox will be rolling out a curious update for the new 2023 model.

2023 fox 36 fork grip2
It’s hard to tell, but there’s a new crown and steerer for the latest Fox 36 that increases the overlap with the steerer tube for improved durability.

The Fox 36 receives new crown & steerer for 2023

It’s not exactly a thrilling update, but the Fox 36 will receive a new crown and steerer assembly for 2023. According to Fox, the new forged alloy crown drops around 20g while maintaining the same stiffness levels of the previous fork. It does this by increasing the overlap between the crown and the alloy steerer to reduce flex, though it does result in a slight increase in the overall axle-to-crown height.

Of note is that Fox also claims the new crown “improves durability”. Reading between the lines, and acknowledging various internet forums around the world, we suspect this is designed to address the creaking noise that can occur from the press-fit between the steerer tube and crown. It isn’t uncommon to hear of riders suffering from a creaky CSU, so perhaps the new crown will put this issue to bed.

2023 fox 36 fork grip2
How they got a Fox 36 into a hospital X-Ray machine is perhaps the bigger question that needs asking here.

Everything else stays much the same

Otherwise much of the 2023 Fox 36 carries over from the current version. That means you’re getting the same 36mm chassis with the lower leg bypass channels, bleeder valves and the floating axle design with both Kabolt-X and QR15 options.

You can get the Fox 36 in a variety of flavours with a FIT4, GRIP or GRIP2 damper – the latter of which features the latest VVC for both the rebound and compression circuits for maximum damping control. There are no coil sprung options, since every 36 is equipped with the latest EVOL air spring with an expanded negative chamber that’s designed to provide a more linear coil-like feel to begin with. As usual, you can tune the air spring with volume spacers to alter the progression level.

2023 fox 36 fork grip2
The Fox 36 in its Factory Series trim with the excellent GRIP2 damper.

2023 Fox 36 Price & Specs

2023 fox 36 fork grip2
Will the new crown put to bed those creaking issues that some Fox forks have encountered in the past? We look forward to getting our hands on one to test soon.

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