Flow’s First Bite: Osprey Raptor 10L Hydration Pack

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Osprey Raptor 10L


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Breathable, generous and well-thought-out storage solutions.
Mesh back great for hot days.


Lightweight materials tough enough?

The Raptor 10 Hydration Pack is not their biggest pack in the range, but is the perfect all-day endurance riding companion. With an enticing combination of handy features, ample storage, 3L of water, light weight and comfort, we can’t wait to put it through its paces on local marathon trail rides this summer, especially when one drink bottle is nowhere near enough water.


After just opening up the pack after arrival and playing around with it for a while, you realise just how many awesome features this thing has. The labyrinth of zippers, pull-outs, clips and pouches will have taken you on an adventure before you have even left home!

Despite being on the larger size of the hydration pack market, the Raptor 10 comes as a very light package. Utilising lightweight Nylon fabric and foam, the user comfort is definitely satisfied – comfy shoulder straps, super-breathable back mesh and foam, as well as a hip hugging lower strap. A large mesh panel lets the pack sit off your back to offer a degree of suspension on bouncy terrain and air flow between your back and the pack.Osprey Raptor-6344

Large, but still very light and compact.
Large, but still very light and compact.

The main compartment of this pack is quite generous for a 10L pack; however, filled with 3L of water, the space you have to work with is whittled down quite a bit. Despite this, Osprey have worked around this really well, giving you loose pouches for tubes, a pump and some snacks. Of course though, there’s enough space to squeeze in a rain jacket, pads or even a small camera.

As with many of these higher quality packs, the Osprey also has your mobile, keys and valuables sorted with a small top Stash Pocket, complete with two zip compartments and a plastic keyring, just to keep them extra secure. If you want even easier access, there is two great little zip pockets on the hip straps – within perfect reach for keys, tyre plugs, jelly snakes or a small water gun to piss your mates off with – the possibilities are near endless.

Pockets galore, the internal storage is very well thought out.
Pockets galore, the internal storage is very well thought out.

On the exterior, there seems to be a lot going on, with layers of fabric, straps and clips all over. However, they work out to be a stretchy jacket compartment, rear light mount and one for the enduro specialists; the LidLock Helmet Attachment. This handy plastic clip slots easily through the vents of your helmet, pulling it tight to your back and out of the way. Time will tell how well it holds your half face on long enduro stages – it is looking promising.

Helmet carrying solution. Handy for carrying a full face or chin guard on rides.
Helmet carrying solution. Handy for carrying a full face or chin guard on rides.
External hip pockets for easy access while riding.
External hip pockets for easy access while riding.

One of the best features of this pack is the roll out tool pouch. Sitting comfortably at the bottom of the bag and separated from the main compartment, it comes into its own when you can just throw your bag off, lay it flat and just roll out the tools ready to go without digging through your snacks, jacket, spare undies or the two-week old banana in the main compartment.

The roll out tool pouch.
The roll out tool pouch.

With all the things you can carry with this bag, the 3 Liters of water storage is a welcome and needed feature for all those backcountry trail rides you are going to want to be doing – enough water to last a good few hours without needing to hunt down a tap on someone’s private property in the middle of nowhere.

We’re looking forward to put this swiss-army-knife of a pack to the test out on the trails – with enough space to keep us set for whole-day adventures, I think this is as good reason as any to head out and test ourselves on the longer days of spring! For more information on Osprey’s range, check out – www.ospreypacks.com

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