Interview: Giant's Carl Decker Spills The Beans On his Aussie Team Mates

American Carl Decker is a legend and stalwart of the Giant Factory Off-Road team. He’s been with Giant for over 10 years and is an absolute smasher on any bike he throws his leg over.


Carl has had an Aussie on the team for over ten years. Is that a good or bad thing?

In those 10+ years Giant has always had an Aussie in their program and thus Carl has been able to spend probably too much time with three of Australia’s best mountain bikers; Jared Rando, Amiel Cavalier, and Josh Carlson. Find out how he ranks his previous and current team mates against important bike skills like cleaning, drinking, and crying.

Josh Carlson is the newest member to the Giant Off-Raod team and his unique character and smashing riding makes him a standout.
Amiel Cavalier was a raw talent and the 2nd Aussie to join the Giant team.
Jared Rando was the longest serving gravity member of the Giant Factory Off-Raod team and he continues to be a favourite son.

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