04 Aug 2014

Lapierre’s unique electronic ‘intelligent’ suspension system is not an easy concept to explain – it all makes a lot more sense when you actually ride a bike equipped with this system. Fortunately here at Flow we’ve had plenty of trail time on a wide range of e:i equipped bikes – including reviews of the Zesty 314 e:i, the Zesty AM 927 and more.

For 2015, Lapierre have greatly simplified the operation of the e:i system, ridding it of the unnecessary display unit and bar-mounted mode adjuster. You can read more about the changes to the system here.

Even still, Lapierre have clearly realised that explaining the e:i system in mere words is a bit of a task, and so they’ve just released this great vid that does a really good job of explaining what it’s all about and how it works.


Lapierre // e:i Shock Auto from Lapierre Bikes on Vimeo.