Tested: fi’zi:k M6B Uomo Shoes

BOA and two Velcro straps. With our narrow feet, the straps were a little long, but that’s better than too short, and nothing a sharp pair of scissors can’t neaten up.
The M6B Uomo is one three shoes in Fizik’s mountain bike line, at $239 they sit at mid-to-upper spot on the price spectrum, and their features are competitive. We think they’re a great looking shoe too, but what else would you expect from the Italians?
The BOA dial makes adjusting the fit very fast, and the system doesn’t collect mud either. The dial’s position is a bit vulnerable to being popped open we found. Note the chunky rubber on the outer edge of the mid-sole, perfect safety for those times you miss a pedal.
You’ll notice the BOA dial. This system has become incredibly popular lately, thanks to its ease of use, ability to make precise fit adjustments, and its clean styling. Turn the dial to tighten, pull it out away from the shoe to undo and release the tension on the ‘laces’. It’s good system and easy to adjust on the fly, but we found the placement of the dial meant we occasionally snagged it in scrub (particularly if we had to hike-a-bike) which would pop the BOA release open and leave the shoe undone.
Simple Velrco straps provide the rest of the closure. Our tester has quite narrow feet, and the straps had no problems accommodating this, though we eventually trimmed them the straps a little just to stop the ends from dangling.
Reinforced Microtex is used for much of the upper.
Construction wise, these are certainly a trail shoe, but they’re also quite lightweight at 385g for a size 42.5. There’s a plenty of grip provided all round, including across the mid-sole, which helps prevent disaster if you accidentally miss a clip-in. Provisions are there for toe spikes as well, which is cool if you’re going to use these shoes for a bit of CX work. The toe box doesn’t have a lot of external protection, which might deter some who ride hard in rocky terrain, but the reinforced Microtex material isn’t displaying any signs of wear or damage so far.
With Shimano XT pedals, the connection between pedal and shoe was tight at first, but soon wore in to provide an ideal amount of friction.
 We ran these shoes with Shimano XT Trail pedals, and initially there was a lot of friction between the chunky tread blocks and pedal body. Luckily over the course of a few rides, the rubber wore down a smidge making for consistent entry/exit into the pedals.
We had no dramas getting our cleat position where we wanted it, and found the sole provided a good blend of stiffness, comfort and grip.
The nylon sole is carbon reinforced, but stiffness isn’t the main objective of this shoe (look at the M3B Uomo with carbon soles if stiffness is your priority) and they’ve got just enough flex to be comfy when you need to walk, without feeling floppy when you’re on the gas. Around the heel, the fit is super secure, and we didn’t feel any heel slippage at all. If you’ve got high arches, you might want to consider a different in-sole, as the foot bed shape is pretty flat, otherwise we found the fit to be very comfortable.
All up, we think these are a great option for trail riders, and a fine alternative from some of the more mainstream shoe brands. With a good blend of weight, stiffness, grip and inoffensive styling, we’re a fan!


Flow’s First Bite: fi’zi:k M6B Uomo Shoes


The M6B UOMO is the entry level shoe from a three-strong lineup of mens (Uomo) shoes. The classic styled shoe uses a double-velcro and a single Boa dial enclosure, the sole is ‘carbon reinforced’ so they are stiff but not too stiff. A quick flex test shoes they have a nice amount of flex around the heel and toe which will make them easier to stand around in and the odd hike-a-bike moment on the trail._LOW7170

Weight is 385 grams, very reasonable for a shoe that doesn’t look like a neon plastic football boot, and price is fair at $239.

We’ll be back shortly for our review.


Flow’s First Bite: fi’zi:k Gobi M5 VS Saddle


The Gobi is a classic rounded shaped saddle that has become super-popular in the mountain bike crowd due to its tough materials and slim shape. The roundness and slim-ness is a blessing when you’re moving around off the back of the bike on a steep descent, resisting getting snagged on your shorts or pointy bits jabbing you where you’d rather not be jabbed.


The VS version of the Gobi takes the comfort even further, with a deep central relief channel to alleviate pressure where there’s important blood flow. Instead of using a hole, the 7mm-deep channel is said to remain stronger and retain the saddle’s shape over longer time.

Groovy channel.

The Gobi uses a flexible shell around the tail for and mid-section to provide a bit of give, and the aluminium rails help keep the price and weight down.

Let’s ride!

Fresh from Italy, New Saddles and Shoes From fi’zi:k

Fine Italian fashion made into a quality range of ergonomic components, fi’zi:k focusses on providing for the contact points of your ride, like saddles, shoes and cockpit parts.

Flow had a chance to view the 2015 range from fi’zi:k, and this is what caught our attention.

[divider]M3B Uomo[/divider]

Fizik 18
The M3B UOMO is a real sleek pair of shoes.

Fizik 17

With such a supple leather material used in the upper of the shoe construction, the M3B UOMO can conform to the foot for a snug fit, whilst the BOA dial pulls even tension for security. Their first BOA shoe for mountain biking weighs an impressive 350 grams (size 43) and will set you back $349 Aussie bucks.

[divider]M1 Uomo[/divider]

Fizik 10
The flagship shoe from the Italians, the M1 Uomo uses their finest materials.

The M1 shoes are like no other shoe on the market, using unique materials and fine attention to detail, they also take fit to the next level with a heat foldable insole. For $449 they weigh a svelte 380g.

A carbon sole, kangaroo leather and sail cloth make up these shoes and we are dying to test them out.

Included with the M1 shoes are the customisable insoles from 3D Flex. Sold separately for around $110, these insoles use materials with names like: Transflux, Ortholite and Podiaflex to achieve conforming shapes arch support and vibration dampening. Click here for more info on the insoles. 

Fizik 14
The M1 shoes score the ultra technical 3D Flex mouldable insoles.
Fizik 12
Using heat to begin the custom fit process, the soles can be fitted to your foot at your fi’zi:k dealer.

[divider]The 29er specific saddle, f’izi:k Thar[/divider]

f’izi:k address the need for a different saddle position when riding 29er bikes, with the big wheels forcing the rider to sit more towards the back of the saddle. The THAR has rails with 95mm of fore/aft adjustment, 25mm longer than normal. The rail is longer towards the rear of the saddle to help you push it further forward.

The Thar 29″ will start at $139 and go up to $179 for lighter rails.


Fizik 2
The That 29″ on the left, with the traditional Gobi on the right. Not the short tail for clearance on longer travel 29ers with the seat down.
Fizik 1
Longer rails, toward the rear for more adjustment.

For more info jump to http://www.fizik.com/en/