Local Video: Humble & Hidden Episode 1 – Sascha Kim

Sascha doesn’t have the luxury of close access to mountain bike trails like many of us do; this hasn’t appeared to have held him back from pursuing his passion.

His thirst for dirt has led him to design and create a diverse mini trail network surrounding his home from scratch

Over the past 3 years, Sascha has spent every spare moment he has teaching himself to ride bikes, developing his skills and knowledge on the bike from watching numerous videos online, learning from riders all over the globe. His thirst for dirt has led him to design and create a diverse mini trail network surrounding his home from scratch, loaded with loamy berms, rollers, jumps and drops that many of us could only dream of having in our backyard.

Did I mention he still manages to go to school and also happens to be very handy on the guitar and drums?

Sascha’s committed approach to his chosen sport of mountain biking and the attitude he brings with it is what we need more of, he is one driven young man with the most level head and positive outlook I have had the pleasure of meeting and shooting. A young role model amongst his peers and riders alike, he continues to push himself further in the sport at any opportunity.

Under that berm destroying exterior is a dedicated, hard working quiet and humble kid we could all learn a thing or two from.

Humble and Hidden, this is Sascha Kim.

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Local Video: Sam Fox – Road to Worlds 2017

“After years of dedication, hard work, training and resilience, he has already achieved so much. Sam puts in 110% at work, school and his riding. He has an amazingly supportive family and friendship circle. It’s no wonder he is smashing goals and getting the results he is. He is an amazing young man and we enjoy having him in the shop, We are so proud he is on board with Sprung and representing both us, and Australia at the UCI Worlds in Cairns. Go team Fox!” – Troy Reilly / Owner operator SPRUNG

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Video: Affected

“It’s not very often I get new things, but when I do it motivates to push myself even further, as it signifies a new chapter.”
“Now I know I’m no shredder but I do know how much I love riding bikes.”
“I wanted to, in essence, create a light-hearted approach to encapsulate how MTB has affected my life since my good mate finally gave me the bug. The way it haunts your every thought, how sometimes you wake up and don’t know if you were dreaming or if it really happened.”
“Obviously, I’ve a landed myself a new rig and safe to say I’m frothing buckets at the prospect of getting back to the trails.”
How are you affected?