VIDEO: Anthony Messere – New Heights

Since out-boosting everyone in his first Whistler Joyride at a mere 15 years of age, Anthony Messere hasn’t stopped pushing the limits of slopestyle. Watch in awe as he takes his riding to New Heights.

Over the last decade the level of riding seen at the world’s biggest slopestyle events has gone through the roof. Almost every season it feels like there’s a new trick or combination that eclipses what came before it. To stay at the top of such a sport requires an incredible amount of training that puts both bike and body on the line.

Anthony Messere is one of the biggest names in slopestyle and is from Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. Red Bull recently sent acclaimed filmer Rupert Walker to nearby Abbotsford to capture his riding at its very best.

The 21-year old Canadian has been shredding slopes since he was 10, and in 2011, at the age of 15, he broke through into the professional world of mountain biking, after his spectacular 3rd place result at Red Bull Joyride in Whistler. Anthony is undoubtedly one of the best athletes on the Freeride Mountain Bike World Tour, and has been riding in the TOP 12 of the world’s elite for more than five years. With his unbelievable amplitude and his massive trick repertoire, which he is constantly expanding, he continuously takes home top 10 results from the most prestigious competitions worldwide. He is currently 8th in the FMB World Ranking.

Keep up to speed with Anthony’s activities here: FacebookInstagram.

Video: Szymon Godziek’s Extension Man – First Ever Backflip Superman One Hand Seatgrab

Godziek also showcased a spectacular backflip over the Tour de Pologne peloton on a road bike earlier in August.

“There were so many takes of my backflip tsunami at Red Bull District Ride, I thought it was worth developing further, and that’s how the project idea was born.”

“In the video I managed to score a personal best, meaning that all my supermans were more extended than ever before. As usual, I was inspired by freestyle motocross and took my performance to the next level.”

“It’s a very important project for me, because it shows all the effort I put into building the track and intense training.”


Crankworx Les Gets: Handing Over The Slopestyle Keys to the Clouds

If rain is good luck on your wedding day, what does it mean for relentless storms to hammer a massive mountain bike festival over and over again? Well, arguably while the rain makes for great racing on a downhill bike unfortunately events like the Pump Track Challenge and Slopestyle just can’t go ahead once the rain drops drop.

High up in the French Alps, the iconic town of Les Gets is heaving with activity for the second stop of the Crankworx tour, following Rotorua and leading up to the big bang of Crankworx Whistler. Les Gets has played host to countless events and is steeped in racing history, namely the 2004 World Champs where Steve Peat binned it within sight of the finish line while two seconds up. It was French legend Fabien Barel who snagged that one, and he’s actually racing here on his new Canyon Sender and looking quite cool about the trying conditions.

Not-quite a Slopestyle

The Slopestyle event always hangs by a thread, the wooden features and enormous jumps just won’t work out if there’s an air of unpredictability with the weather. While practice went on under slightly sunny skies at times, there was simply not enough consistency in the speed in the surfaces and the riders couldn’t get comfortable with it. It’s been raining here non-stop for a month.

The best efforts by the event crew and construction team would also prove to be a blessing and a curse, with sections of the Slopestyle being repaired to retain good speed, it also wreaked havoc on the riders as the course was constantly changing. Brett Rheeder was a victim of a new section of timber board put down to cover a soft section of the dirt, overshooting the step up and bailing out, while his bike fell from 20ft up to destruction.
_LOW2847 _LOW2817 _LOW2826 _LOW2828 _LOW2819 _LOW2821

Votes went down, and the call was to cancel the Slopestyle competition entirely, big bad news indeed! The remedy was to run a best trick comp in a casual jam style over the final jump to keep the day alive. And while the Slopestyle cancellation was a heavy blow, it was quickly forgotten when riders started throwing down their best and the crowds went bonkers once again.

When it comes down to one jump, and your best trick the big guns come out. Nicholai Rogatkin is a spinning wildman, with two attempts of his signature twister trick taking the cake and walking away with the cash.

Brett Rheeder’s super steezy opposite corked 720 was certainly perfect and landed him a third place, a sign that he was ready for a tight slopestyle battle. And Antoine Bizet’s opposite cash roll was a sight to see and nailed him the second spot on the podium.

_LOW2842 _LOW2865 _LOW2855 _LOW2902 _LOW2848 _LOW2859 _LOW2907 _LOW2937_LOW2943

_LOW2884 _LOW2893 _LOW2894_LOW2948 _LOW2925 _LOW2960 _LOW2966 _LOW2981 _LOW2991 _LOW2992 _LOW3002 _LOW3010 _LOW3021 _LOW3028

Brett Rheeder – This is Home

“My home has always been in Ontario. I wanted to tell the story of where I live and where I come from, my whole family lives within 50km of each other in southern Ontario.”

“My cousins let me use their farm land to build the course. We hoped the dirt was going to be good, but as soon as we dug into the ground we knew it was gold and the best part is it’s only 4kms from my house.

I know that Ontario is not ideal for mountain biking, but with a little work I feel it can be, and that’s what I wanted to show. For me, This is Home.” – Brett Rheeder

Brandon Semenuk Revels in the Glory of Third Consecutive Red Bull Joyride Win

Behind every cloud is a silver lining, and despite a one day rain delay which forced the postponement of the most highly anticipated event of the week-long Crankworx Whistler festival, Red Bull Joyride hit the mountain on August 16th showcasing slopestyle mountain biking under near perfect weather conditions. 

Watch the complete event replay here: REPLAY PLEASE!

Anthony Messere - Action

Nicholi Rogatkin, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Genon - Winners
Nicholi Rogatkin, Brandon Semenuk, Thomas Genon – Winners.
Greg Watts performs a 360 X-Up during the finals of the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler, Canada on August 16th, 2015.
Greg Watts performs a 360 X-Up during the finals of the Red Bull Joyride event in Whistler, Canada on August 16th, 2015.

The Red Bull Signature Series event featured 18 of the world’s top athletes in a season-defining showdown that marked the final stop of the Crankworx World Tour and the last required win for the Triple Crown of Slopestyle. 

It was Squamish local Brandon Semenuk who took fist place, making this his third consecutive Red Bull Joyride victory.  Flawless back to back runs that featured his signature technicality quickly put him in the lead in what was by far the most confident performance of his season, delivering big tricks including two cork 720’s, an opposite truckdriver and backflip tailwhip to one foot can.  “The earlier part of the year was tough for me, and to finally get a good run down the hill felt so good after two events where I wasn’t riding my best.  But I so badly wanted to put this one together and it kept unfolding the way I was hoping for”, said Semenuk. 

Thomas Genon - Action
Thomas Genon.

For Brett Rheeder, it was an opportunity to potentially make history as the first ever athlete to win all three stops of the Triple Crown series after a stellar season that saw him take the podium wins in both Crankworx Rotorua and Les 2 Alpes.  Despite being the odds-on favourite to win the third stop in Whistler, falls on both his first and second runs unfortunately put him out of reach of the podium. 

Brandon Semenuk - Lifestyle
Brandon Semenuk .

Following hot on Semenuk’s heels was Nicholi Rogatkin of the US with a second place that saw him take the podium at Red Bull Joyride for the first time in his career.  With two strong runs, he was within site of gold with a score of 93.80, only 3.04 points behind Brandon Semenuk.  Third place went to Thomas Genon of Germany.  A full summary of results can be found here

Nicholi Rogatkin - Action
Nicholi Rogatkin.

Saturday’s rain was a blessing in disguise, arriving at a time when Whistler has seen some of the driest conditions so far this season.  Although the wet conditions were deemed unsafe at the time of competition, the water helped to dampen the dusty course making the dirt much takier by Sunday, giving riders the extra traction they hope for. “The course was about the same speed as yesterday, but the wind really mellowed out today making it pretty much perfect.  It was a little exhausting coming at this on a second day after getting so ready yesterday (Saturday), but it’s turned out really well” said Semenuk.

Much of the crowd returned to the Whistler Plaza on Sunday with over 25,000 hardcore mountain bike fans cheering from the sidelines of the Whistler Bike Bike.

The State of Slopestyle with Brandon Semenuk & Brett Rheeder

Red Bull Joyride 2015 Course Preview

The Return of Red Bull Joyride

The Story of Red Bull Joyride 2014

Video: Insane Crankworx Slopestyle Highlights

Whips, flips and plenty of tricks. Watch the highlights from the slopestyle finals.

It was stop two of the Crankworx World Tour, as the competition moved to Europe and the stunning mountain setting of Les Deux Alpes, France. The battle was on as riders fought to deny 22-year-old Canadian Brett Rheeder from taking the new Triple Crown of Slopestyletitle.

With the bar set so high from the start, there was no room for filler tricks and riders were clearly feeling the pressure to pull out banger moves in the less than ideal gusty weather.

Who put together the perfect run and claimed victory?


Crankworx – Slopestyle, Spinning Up The Volume

Born in Whistler from the heart of the Crankworx festival is Slopesyle, the ultimate spectacle. No clocks, just a judging panel to crown the winner of this unique event.

The baby faced Canadian, Brett Rheeder took it out with a clean and flawless run ahead of the madly spinning Nicolai Rogatkin, Martin Soderstrom was looking like he was the one, but judges were looking hard for the best display from all areas of judging criteria.

1. Brett Rheeder
2. Nicolai Rogatkin
3. Thomas Genon
4. Martin Soderstrom
5. Logan Peat
6. Sam Reynolds
7. Tomas Zejda
8. Tomas Lemoine
9. Sam Pilgrim
10. Louis Reboul
11. Paul Genovese
12. Antoine Bizet
13. Greg Watts
14. Brandon Semenuk
15. Kelly McGarry
16. Simon Pages
17. Carson Storch
18. Tyler McCaul
19. Cam Zink
20. Anthony Messere

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Brett Rheeder’s Groundwaves ft. Ruben Alcantara

It would be a lie to say that we aren’t constantly inspired by all forms of biking, whether it’s BMX, slopestyle, freeride, or even road.

Last year, Brett Rheeder’s first Dream Capture episode, Airs and Alleys, was heavily inspired by a trip produced by BMX legend Ruben Alcantara where he placed portable ramps throughout an urban environment. This year, when we were presented with the opportunity to film with Ruben in his hometown of Malaga, Spain for Rheeder’s second Dream Capture episode, there was no chance we were turning it down.

Record Sell Out and Stacked Registration for Giant Toa Enduro

Holy Guacamole that was fast!

As was predicted, it was only a matter of minutes before the four hundred ametuer places for the first round of the EWS sold out- three to be exact. Read below for the official word, and we’ll see you in March.

Wondering what trails they’re going to use in the race? Probably a few of these!

The Giant Toa Enduro is shaping up to be a fascinating race with a field of competitors from all mountain biking race disciplines set to take on the course at Crankworx Rotorua.

Selling out in under three minutes, the event secured a new Enduro World Series (EWS) registration record yesterday, with a rich field of New Zealanders and internationally-based amateurs set to join the professional riders for race day this March.

All but one of the top 20-ranked men and women from the 2014 EWS season are set to ride, and a number of professional downhill racers have registered, as well.

“This is probably one of the most interesting, stacked mountain biking races with top enduro, cross country and downhill athletes all entered in this one event,” says Neil Gellatly, Giant Toa Enduro race director.

The race roster includes World Downhill Champions Sam Hill, Steve Peat, and Greg Minnaar, who will ride alongside several top downhillers from New Zealand−Sam Blenkinsop, Brook MacDonald, Cam Cole and Matt Walker.

Of the 400 racers registered, 40 per cent are from New Zealand, with 17 other nations represented, including: Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, France, Israel, Spain, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, South Africa, Switzerland, Sweden and, for the first time in an EWS event, Tahiti.

Race registration from New Zealand shows equal interest from all regions, with riders from Auckland (10%), Christchurch (10%), Dunedin (5%), Queenstown (10%), Nelson (10%) and Wellington (15%). Rotorua has, nonetheless, secured the most representation with 20 riders on the list.

Sponsored by Giant Bicycles, the Toa Enduro Rotorua marks the opening race for the EWS and will be one of five competitive events at the inaugural Crankworx Rotorua.

For those who didn’t make the race cutoff, and true enduro fans, Crankworx will once again broadcast the event live and names are being accepted on a waitlist at To date, Crankworx has offered the only live enduro coverage, broadcasting its Whistler event annually.

“We hope to take our live race coverage to new levels this year,” says Darren Kinnaird, Crankworx Word Tour Manager.

Tune into at 7 a.m. NZDT on Saturday, March 28 to watch how it all unfolds.

The Long and Cruel Road to Recovery

The road back to not only riding, but winning after a horrific leg break at Red Bull Joyride has been a long one for Martin Söderström.

His mettle has truly been tested in both his ability to handle pain and the psychological demons that go with a bad injury. The 360 tailwhip is the trick that landed him in hospital and into such a struggle. At FISE Montpelier, Martin’s first contest back on the bike, he has to battle it face-to-face. But fate isn’t finished with Martin just yet and events take a turn for the unexpected, just when he thinks he’s getting back to his best

This Ride to Recovery is Not For the Faint-Hearted

WARNING – The above video contains material which some may find disturbing

Martin Söderström is a rider who has always oozed class. From the way he can make the most basic of tricks look so stylish. to a résumé of contest wins from all over the world, there’s no doubting his ability.

But just when a victory on the biggest stage of them all, Crankworx’ Red Bull Joyride, seemed his for the taking, he suffered a brutal leg break that would see him staring retirement and a life away from riding right in the face.

Thankfully, it wasn’t to be, however. Söderström called on the same determination he’d used to reach the top of the sport to climb back on to his bike again. We’ll be chronicling in detail the bone-crushing lows and free-wheeling highs of his return to riding in a two-part feature. This week, we follow Söderström as he takes his first steps to getting back on the bike again following a long period of rehabilitation.

Stay tuned to see more on his road to recovery in part two next week.

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The Bike Brothers Movie

Szymon and Dawid Godziek are athletes who can already boast some impressive achievements on the international bike scene. However, for the first time ever fans can now explore another side to them. Thanks to a unique production, the skills of the boys are presented in a completely different light. “The Bike Brothers” is an engaging story with the bike siblings playing the leading roles and impersonating legendary movie characters. In spite of their experience, the Godziek brothers confessed that the new challenge evoked some stage fright.

“I was involved in such production for the first time in my life. Knowing that you’re the centre of attention was quite stressful. I was trying to do my tricks as good as I can and, of course, face the acting challenge,” said Dawid Godziek about his preparations for the film.
Older brother, Szymon, added:
“Working on a professional set is much different than making clips with your buddies. Just setting up the cameras and obstacles required a lot of effort. We were on the set 16 hours per day. It wasn’t easy – the days started at 4am and finished after dark.”

The film features a guest appearance by Alan Andersz, who played the role of a detective chasing the main characters. The Godziek brothers are already successful in their sport but thanks to this production they got the chance to show off their skills to a wider audience and it was the perfect excuse to present freestyle at its best. The footage captured is bound to be well received – the final scene alone sees Szymon lands the world’s first Backflip Stripper!
There are many exceptional moments in the history of extreme films, but the Polish production “The Bike Brothers” is breaking new ground. Jen Sheroky was the person behind writing the script as well as shooting director for “The Bike Brothers”. Production was carried out by Graffiti Films in collaboration with Jen Sheroky and Adam Tunikowski. Post-production was supervised by Juice with support from the Dashdot team. Music was composed by Filip Kuncewicz and costume design by Angelika Paszek. The whole production process lasted a year and involved over 100 people.

Video: Red Bull District Ride – The Doco

The world’s best 24 riders performed an incredible array of mind-blowing tricks to amp up the 62,000 live spectators. For 2 days, Nuremberg’s historic city centre turned into a boiling pot for extreme mountain biking. The crowds witnessed the first ever Tsunami Flip in a MTB contest as well as a head-to-head battle until the last minute.

But what’s behind bringing a massive freeride course to the streets of a European metropolis? Who are the people that work so hard to ensure the athletes can throw down those breathtaking tricks? And what do the pros get up to when they are not practicing or competing?

Over several weeks, Lukas Tielke (a.k.a Peoplegrapher) took his RED EPIC DRAGON behind the scenes to portray the Red Bull District Ride. In this 10 minute documentary you’ll witness amazing cinematography surrounding the course that sprung from 100km of wood enough screws to circle the city. Epic shots with great tunes, sit back and enjoy the show:

Trackbuilding_(c)Daniel Grund_Red Bull Content Pool_P-20140902-00271

AaronChase_NikoBoessl_Trackbulding_(c)Daniel Grund _Red Bull Content Coo...

Video: Super Slow Motion – Crankworx Les Deux Alpes Slopestyle


We wheeled out our Phantom camera to capture the agony and ecstasy of the riders at the recent Crankworx Les Deux Alpes Slopestyle contest.

The Phantom cam slows the action right down to 1,000 frames per second and so offers a unique perspective on the movements the riders have to go through when they lay down a trick.

Anthony Messere took a career defining first major win at Les Deux Alpes. Watch part of his winning run in super slo-mo above and enjoy the rest of the thrills and spills from what was a memorable contest weekend in France.

Fresh Product: RockShox Pike DJ, The Dirt Jump Fork

Jumps are getting bigger, tricks are evolving further, and the slopestyle and dirt jumping crowd needs a fork that facilitates this progression. Enter Pike DJ: little brother to the award winning Pike, with the stout 35mm chassis, it is light enough to boost higher, and stiff enough to shred berms harder, available in 100 and 140mm travel versions.

The custom tuned Charger damper stands up on jump faces and the specific Solo Air system provides heaps of bottom-out progression to help butter the landings. Everything you love in Pike, but cleared for the biggest take offs.

FS PIKE DJ 26 15 SA 100 BLK T CRN...A11L


The most refined damper ever produced by RockShox, acclaimed worldwide on Pike and BoXXer, gets the frequent flyer treatment on Pike DJ. An extra firm compression tune provides the level of support and confidence required by today’s slopestyle and dirt jump riders. Our trademark Rapid Recovery rebound tune, with beginning stroke rebound adjustment, helps control the landings, while Charger’s sealed design with an expandable rubber bladder keeps Pike DJ’s performance constant run after run. A low speed compression adjuster makes it easy to adapt to all course conditions, from smooth hardpack jumps to rough slopestyle courses.


For the 100mm travel version, Pike DJ’s specifically developed Solo Air top cap gives riders a highly progressive feel, equivalent to having five Bottomless Tokens installed in a standard 26” Pike, while remaining highly tunable with additional Tokens. What does this mean? A fork that will be predictable on every take off and landing without ever slamming through all the travel.

FS PIKE DJ 26 15 SA 100 BLK T CRN...A17L


Available in 100 and 140mm travel versions, with a tapered steerer and 15mm Maxle Ultimate, Pike DJ is the ideal match for modern and progressive dirt jumping and slopestyle bikes.

Pike DJ

Weight: 1845g (4.06lb)*

Wheel Size: 26″

Travel (mm): 100mm/140mm

Steerer/Steerer options: Tapered Aluminum

Crown: Forged, hollow 7050 aluminum

Upper Tube Type: 35mm, Tapered Wall Aluminum

Upper Tube Finish: Low friction anodized Fast Black

Axle: 15x100mm Maxle Ultimate

Damper Adjust: External rebound, low speed compression

Spring/Spring Options: Solo Air

Color: Black, Diffusion Black, White

Fork Offset: 40mm

Brake Type: Disc

Lower Leg Material: Magnesium

Maximum Rotor Size: 200mm

*Weight Based On: 100mm travel, 265mm tapered aluminum steerer, 15mm Maxle


Photo Feature: Teva Slopestyle, Queenstown

Flow travelled to Queenstown last week to attend the 2013 Teva Slopestyle. Below is the official press release but we feel there’s no better way to represent an event like this than with a flood of photos.


Crowds of thousands gathered to watch 20+ professional Slopestyle athletes from across Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Canada and the USA contest $10,000 in cash and prizes at the Teva Slopestyle.

Now in its second year, the event that last year brought Slopestyle mountain biking to the shores of New Zealand for the first time, has now been added to the prestigious international Freeride Mountain Bike (FMB) World Tour. With FMB points on offer and big money up for grabs, the quality of the field and the riding that went down was stepped up to a new level.

British rider Sam Pilgrim took out the win taking the field by storm with his ability to trick every feature linking together a technical and flawless run. The 23 year old was a crowd favourite; constantly bringing in cheers from the crowd.

Czech Thomas Zejda came in second followed by Conor MacFarlane in 3rd place, BMX legend turned Mountain Bike rider Chad Kagy came in 4th and Sam Dueck in 5th place. But that wasn’t enough for Dueck, who also took out Best Trick of the night with his double tail whip 360. 

With the riders throwing down tricks of all sorts’, commentators Cam McCaul and Josh Clark were quickly running out of adjectives to describe them, while the judges were left with some difficult decisions to split the field and ultimately decide the winners.

The Teva Slopestyle course is situated in downtown Queenstown in the Ballarat Street car park, and is designed and built by Teva athlete Kelly McGarry, and co-designer Tom Hey who has worked on many prestigious Slopestyle courses including the infamous Crankworx in Whistler and Colorado.