31 May 2018

What bike would you build for the ultimate multi-day race machine? For this year's Port to Port MTB, we assembled a damn fine Yeti SB100 from scratch.

The Port to Port MTB stage race is one of the best events of the year, rolling its way through the gorgeous Hunter Valley and Lake Macquarie region before winding up in Newcastle – we love it. This year, we jumped out from behind the cameras to race it!

To tackle the job of four days back-to-back racing, we wanted to put together the ultimate bike for the task. Our black canvas was the stunning new Yeti SB100.

This freshly released new-school XC rocket was built up with a handpicked range of parts, all set-up specifically for the job at hand. Watch our full video discussion of the bike below, and let us know your questions or thoughts!

Finding a balance between speed, efficiency, comfort and fun for four days of great riding.

In our discussion video, we look at everything from suspension setup to choice of grips, watch for our thoughts on:

  • Setting up the new FOX 32 SC 120 fork for reducing fatigue over four days.
  • Why we’d not go without a dropper post.
  • The spiky tyre on the front, even in the dry conditions.
  • Brake setup.
  • How to carry spares.
  • Choice of wheels.
  • Using the Ergon grips to reduce soreness from a wrist injury.
  • What tubeless sealant?
  • Drivetrain and chainring size.

Watch the video here:

Read our daily wrap-ups from Port to Port MTB here: 

Day 1: Hunter Valley 

Day 2: Killingworth and Mt Sugarloaf

Day 3: Awaba and the Watagans

Day 4: Lake Macquarie and Glenrock

Just wow. The SB100 is a very good looking frame.
The Switch Infinity system has been rotated through 90-degrees on the SB100, tucking it all in tight. Surely future Yetis will follow suit.
Off the brakes, gaining time on the rowdy descents before the climbs came again! The Yeti SB100 descends like a little trail bike.

SRAM XX1 Eagle, with a 32-tooth ring to make sure we got up all the climbs.
After four days of racing, she’s a little creaky but what a bike!
The winged shape of the Ergon GA3 grip helped take the sting out of a wrist injury.
We set the fork up soft and then used the low-speed compression damping to control bob and dive.