04 Jul 2016

We’ve got a real affinity for Sydney-based apparel company DHaRCO. Designed for hot Australian conditions with an emphasis on simple, clean lines, using an inspired colour palette, it’s fantastic gear.


DHaRCO Gravity Shorts – Men’s and Women’s:

These are probably our favourite item in the DHaRCO range (along with the Tech Tees). We’ve been running these shorts for well over 12 months now, they’re the most regularly worn item in our mountain bike wardrobe.


We feel they’ve really nailed the balance between lightweight breathability and durability.”We didn’t want to weigh these shorts down with unnecessary features,” said DHaRCO, “especially in Australian heat.” There are two sensibly-sized, unobtrusive, zippered pockets – one on the left leg, and one round the back, on the waist band, which is all you need. There’s no liner, so chuck them on over your favourite set of knicks.


“We slimmed the fit down a little from last season,” explains DHaRCO. “The trail riding market has really taken to the shorts, and the slimmer cut is better for pedalling.” The same four-way stretch fabric found in last season’s shorts remains.


Short Sleeve Jerseys – Men’s and Women’s:

The range of men’s and women’s short sleeve jerseys has also been expanded, both in terms of colour ways and styles.

_LOW4247 _LOW4237

The fit of the men’s kit is now a little more relaxed, and there are two styles, one with mesh side panels and one with an entire mesh back, for warmer conditions. Both styles include a hidden zippered pocket which is perfect for a lightweight item like a car key, a bit of cash or key card. A slightly elasticised collar has been added too, for more comfort.

_LOW4227 _LOW4243

In the women’s range, there are two quite different cuts of jersey now – a  ‘standard’ slim fit jersey, and less technical Raglan cut. The standard SS jersey has all the features found on the men’s, including the hidden zippered pocket and mesh side panels, while the Raglan jersey has a simpler construction for a more casual vibe.

We’re keen to highlight DHaRCO’s role in helping improve the state of play for women’s mountain biking too. The women’s MTB apparel market is slim pickings at best in Australia, with many retailers unwilling to take on much stock. For DHaRCO, offering a proper range of women’s apparel was vital. DHaRCO got on the front foot, developing a complete line of women’s kit, and sponsoring female riders, and they’ve been rewarded with a strong following amongst female mountain bikers. “I’d say about 40% of our sales are in women’s apparel now,” says DHaRCO. “We’re also seeing a lot more mixed orders of men’s and women’s kit, so clearly more couples are getting into riding together too.”

DHaRCO have distribution in New Zealand, Canada, Switzerland and the US, but they’ll ship products worldwide from their web shop too.