Trail Mountain Bike Reviews

The terms trail mountain bikes covers a wide range of bikes, so to keep things simple we’ve collated all bikes that sit between 120 and 150mm of suspension travel. We’ve been reviewing trail mountain bikes for a long time and are able to draw comparisons between competing models and past generations of the bikes on review.

When testing bikes, we review them in a range of conditions and different trail types to gain an in-depth understanding of the bike’s performance. Trail mountain bikes have suspension that makes them have an equal focus on both climbing and descending performance. They might not be cross-country whippets or downhill brawlers, but trail mountain bikes are designed to do a bit of everything.

If you’re more inclined to cross-country or enduro, you can check out our enduro mountain bike reviews and cross-country mountain bike reviews categories.

Check out the reviews below and don’t hesitate to throw in a comment on the article or video if you’ve got any questions!

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