Tested: Polygon Siskiu N9 2019

What makes this bike special? It’s not just the price, though at $3699, this one is hard to beat. Even when stacked up against other direct-to-the-consumer brands like YT, this bike holds its own in sheer value for money terms. The frameset is far from revolutionary, all aluminium, with a simple faux-bar suspension system. But […]

Video: Polygon UR Team 2018 – Craziest Team Launch Video Ever?

2018 Team Riders As for riders, we’re stoked to continue with our same and favourite members! “Sick” MICK HANNAH 2018 marks my 17th World Cup season. I’m excited to be heading into another year with Polygon UR behind me. I believe we have the best support and equipment to help us reach our goals! — Mick Hannah […]

Tested: Polygon Siskiu T8

Watch the full video review!  What am I looking at here? This is a thoroughly modern trail bike, made affordable. You can grab the Siskiu with either 29″ or 27.5″ wheels, with 140mm or 150mm respectively, though depending on your frame size you might only have one option. In a size small, it’s 27.5” only, sorry shorties. In […]

First Impressions: Polygon Siskiu T8

What’s the scoop? You’re looking at a 140mm-travel 29er trail bike, alloy-framed, and decked out with components that would normally be found on a bike with a higher price tag. At first glance, it would seem that Polygon have covered every base: a no-fuss suspension system, good-quality units from RockShox at both ends (the new Revelation up front, […]

Tested: Polygon XQUARONE EX9

Watch our full video review below:  Jeez it’s ugly. No, it’s not really, we promise. Pictures just don’t do this bike any favours. It’s unconventional, for sure, but when you see it in the flesh it’s far more impressive than offensive. In an era where bikes seem to settling into a couple of broader frame layouts/configurations, […]

Video: Mountain Of Hell aboard the Polygon Square One

The Race The race has an altitude drop of 2400m over around 25km, though that distance is approximate due to the open slather of line choices allowed by the sparse course marking posts. Fabien takes some ‘interesting’ options and despite the fatigue and unimaginable arm pump, manuals across the finish line in 4th place. The Bike […]

Polygon Bikes Reveal The New Square One EX Series

Wow. Polygon have come out with something completely new here, a real step away from what everyone else is doing in terms of travel, frame and suspension design. Everyone loves geometry, so you can check out the Square One’s angles below. We definitely weren’t expecting Polygon to come out with a 180mm, 27.5″ bike with […]

Tested: Polygon Collosus N9 2016

The N9 is pitched as Polygon’s Enduro machine, and it has performed admirably on the Enduro World Series under the UR Team, so a three-hour descent with new challenges around every corner was the ideal way to get re-acquanted with the N9. We say re-acquainted because we’ve ridden the N9 before (read our review here) […]

Riding Volcanos, with the Polygon Bikes Crew

I’d come to Indonesia to spend some time with the team behind Polygon Bikes, and today we were going to ride a volcano. First, we had to survive the journey out of town to the mountains beyond, a gauntlet of oncoming buses, bikes and family-laden scooters that I think you have to grow up with to even […]

Polygon: Factory Tour

If you’ve spent the past 15 years buying into the glitz, technology and hype of the mountain bike industry, what’s it like to go behind the curtain and see the process before the marketing team get their hands on the story? Polygon Bikes recently gave us the chance to find out, with a visit to their […]

Tested: Polygon Collosus DH9 2016

What is it and who is it for? Since Polygon and the UR Team joined forces, we’ve seen a number of different prototypes of this bike doing the rounds at World Cups and the like over the past three years. Not long ago we chatted with Mick Hannah and he was full of praise for the Polygon […]

Tested: Polygon Siskiu D8

The Siksiu D8 is Polygon’s aluminium frame 27.5″ wheel dually with 120mm of suspension travel, purchased online from Bicycles Online and shipped to your door. Buying a bike from a website isn’t a new thing, and it sure does comes with the typical drawbacks, but Bicycles Online do their best to ensure the process is […]

Flow’s First Bite: Polygon Siskiu D8

Indonesian bike manufacturer Polygon offer a massive range of bikes to the Australian market with a direct to consumer sales model via Bicycles Online, though over the years we’ve become aware that there is a lot more to the Polygon bikes than just astonishing value. Buying a bike from a website isn’t a new thing, and it sure […]

All-Mountain Assassin: The Polygon Collosus N9

Five years ago, we’d rather have shared a car ride to Melbourne with a pack of angry wasps than have ridden a Polygon. Clearly that ain’t so any longer. This brand has undergone a transformation more pronounced than Rene Zellweger’s face; and while we preferred the old Rene, the definitely prefer the new Polygon. Right here we’ve got […]

Flow’s First Bite: Polygon Collosus N9

You ain’t seen curves until you’ve taken a good look at the new carbon monster from Polygon, the Collosus N9. As ridden by the strong Hutchinson UR team, this 27.5″ wheeled 160mm travel bike with the new FS3 floating suspension design is a seriously trippy looking machine, and it’s all ours for a little while for review. […]

Tested: Polygon Recon 4

Champagne and caviar are grand, but what if your budget only extends to beer (non-imported) and bar snacks? And maybe a bowl of wedges…. Mmmm…wedges… Polygon are a brand looking out for that beer drinker, offering some truly exceptional value bikes. Not long ago we tested their flagship downhill bike, the Collosus, and now we’ve […]

Video: Polygon Bikes: First Extract – A Racers Dream by Hutchinson UR

The Hutchinson UR team announces their release date for the movie “A Racer’s Dream” on the 18th of December on the internet. Until then, to mark the count down, we are going to release some extracts of the movie. Here is the first official extract of the movie. It’s focussed on Tracey Hannah’s broken leg […]

Tested: Polygon Collosus DHX

If you haven’t heard of Polygon before, we wouldn’t be surprised. When it comes to most things from Indonesia, Australia is generally pretty disengaged (aside from our favourite political football, asylum seeker boat arrivals). But this is a brand worth paying attention to – they’re actually one of the world’s biggest manufacturers, producing bikes for a […]

Hutchinson UR Team Partners Up With Polygon

After a great 2012 year during which the team made it on to more than 34 podiums throughout the season, Hutchinson UR has some important goals for 2013. The team has chosen Polygon as frames sponsor and welcomes the recently crowned female junior world champion, Holly Feniak. Sometimes decisions regarding bike partners are difficult to take. […]

MTBA Announces 2019 World Championships Team.

Australia currently has seven riders across both disciplines ranked in the top 20 in the world. Eleven-time National champion Tracey Hannah (Polygon UR) is one of the favourites in the elite women’s downhill after claiming two World Cup wins so far this season in Leogang, Austria and Les Gets, France. Hannah is also the current […]

Tested: Marin Mount Vision 9

You need a thick skin to design bikes! When we posted our first impressions piece about this bike, there was an onslaught of comments about how ugly it is. In an era when most frame designs are becoming rather homogenous, we’re always happy to see something that breaks from convention. After all, it’s not a […]

Video: Marin Bikes 2018 Range Highlights

We take a closer look at the new Marin Wolf Ridge, Rift Zone, Four Corners and indulge a little sentimentality with the 1986 Bear Valley. The Marin Bikes range will be available direct to consumer, so expect some killer pricing too! The whole range is up on Bicycles Online now. Want to learn more about the […]

Canyon Torque – Tested

The Torque is an all-new long travel monster from the fast-moving German brand selling directly to the consumer. Since Canyon came to Australia, we have continuously been impressed by their unique approach to the engineering of their suspension frames, with distinctly high attention to detail. The Torque is a huge bike, what type of rider […]

Video: This is UR World – The Power of the Bike Culture in Cape Town

They found that Cape Town had a lot to offer. There are many trails centres like Jonkershoek or Helderberg with fun single tracks and berms for days plus the more you climb, the more technical it gets. Lots of vineyards open their doors to mountain bikers and build trails around the vines. They took a […]

First Impressions: 2018 Canyon Torque

Bikes like the Commencal Supreme SX and the Polygon Square One are carving out a new future for the 180mm bike with the help of lighter frames and componentry, combined with today’s wide range gearing. Now there’s a new kid joining the 180mm club, the reinvented Canyon Torque. What’s New? The Canyon Torque forms part […]

Loosefest 2017: All The Action

*UPDATE* Scroll down for final day photos and highlights video. All The Videos Course Walk 50to01 lads warm up and have first sends of the big ones Day 1 highlights Josh Bryceland’s GoPro POV Sam Reynolds’ POV – Watch his speed reach almost 90km/h! 2017 Highlights! The FEST is a series of rider driven invitational events. […]

Flow’s Year In Review: Enduro Bikes Of 2016

Whilst the constant confusion around what to call this style of riding and the bikes it involves (aggressive trail, all-mountain, long travel trail, enduro) makes defining this category difficult, here are some of the bikes we’ve ridden in the past 12 months that fit the bill. The links below will take you straight through to the full […]

Flow’s First Bite: Performance 29er

No matter how you look at it, this is a great bike for the money. $350 is not a price you’d typically be able to find a bike with this amount of quality components and frame construction. This bike is purchased in a box, from Aldi. Click here for more: Purchasing the Performance 29er. Yes, […]

Tested: Reid Solo 360 27.5″

We’re beginning to see a real shift in how we understand value-for-money in the bike industry. For the last couple of years we’ve witnessed the prices of bikes begin to creep up, driven by the falling Australian dollar and rising material costs. At the same time, these prices rises have been made even more stark by the proliferation of direct-to-the-consumer brands in […]

Tested: Canyon Strive CF 9.0 Race

On review we have the Strive CF 9.0 Race, an all-out beast of an enduro race bike with Canyon’s own clever Shapeshifter System designed with the help of mountain bike legend, Fabien Barel. Canyon sell their bikes online, they ship Down Under to your door all the way from their headquarters in Germany, that is until […]

Flow’s First Bite: Cell Stromlo 2.1

It’s easy to forget what it was like to ride your first mountain bike, we’re talking about bone-jarring rigid forks, tiny little 26″ wheels (gasp, the horror!) lacklustre rim brakes and seriously awkward geometry. We all started somewhere, but right now stepping into this somewhat daunting sport is a whole lot easier than it used […]

The $350 bike in a box and what it means for mountain biking

Updated – read our quick ride review of the Performance 29er bike here. This unbranded, no-frills, 27.5”-wheeled mountain bike costs around $350 and it comes in a box. From ALDI. Yes, we said ALDI, that eclectic marketplace where you find drop saws and vacuum cleaners alongside chickpeas and gingerbread. They could hardly begrudge us for […]

Tested: YT Industries Capra CF Comp 1

Like some kind of rampaging viking ship from across the seas, the YT Capra comes to Australia with a reputation for slaying its competitors in media and magazine reviews worldwide. The 165mm travel Capra is one of only three frames in the YT catalogue, sitting in between their dirt jump hardtail and the monster Tues […]

Tested: Giant Reign 27.5 1

Giant have really stepped it up a notch with the latest Reign, everything about it speaks the right lingo to the booming new-school crew of hard trail riding and enduro racers. From the bike’s geometry, to the choice of the most popular components, confirming to us that the folks at Giant have their ears to […]

2015 UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano: All you need to know

More teams, more countries represented (including newcomers China, Indonesia, Iran and Israel), and larger audiences: the 2015 season of the UCI Mountain Bike World Cup presented by Shimano looks like being as enthralling as ever. A quick overview of the nine rounds of the season, which starts on April 11 and will be available on […]

YT Industries present the 2015 range: Bikes for Good Times

In recent years there has been a real increase in quality direct to the consumer brands. Companies like Polygon and Cell are bringing out well specced, well designed offerings at amazing price points by cutting out the middle men. Now, another player has rolled into town- YT Industries. With a bevy of top gravity athletes […]

Five Unique 650B All-Mountain Bikes Tested

There are many ways to skin a cat! Over the past few months we’ve had the pleasure of riding some great new-season all-mountain bikes. While these bikes share a few commonalities – 140-160mm travel and 27.5″ wheels for instance – they demonstrate that there’s more than one way to build a great bike. Alloy, carbon, steep, slack, […]

Big Alpine Enduro at the Trans-Savoie

Another year, another amazing event. Over 100 racers of all ages, from world and national champions through to weekend warriors, completed the gruelling Trans-Savoie all-mountain adventure race this August and lived to tell the tale. The statistics speak for themselves: 25,000m of descending over six days, up to eight hours of timed enduro stages for […]

Video: A Racer’s Dream // The full length movie

A Racer’s Dream by Hutchinson UR UCI Elite Downhill mountain biking team. This is a movie that shows downhill mountain biking from a different point of view. Hutchinson UR team is used to making web videos that show a lot of the fun and the bright side of mountain bike racing, with the traveling, the […]

Video: A Racer's Dream // The full length movie

A Racer’s Dream by Hutchinson UR UCI Elite Downhill mountain biking team. This is a movie that shows downhill mountain biking from a different point of view. Hutchinson UR team is used to making web videos that show a lot of the fun and the bright side of mountain bike racing, with the traveling, the […]

Video: A Racer’s Dream – Trailer

A full length documentary about the preparation for the 2013 Downhill World Championships to show the real face of racing : commitment, doubts and hopes. Filmed over 14 months, it follows Mick and Tracey Hannah, Holly Feniak, Fabien Cousinié and Guillaume Cauvin during their preparation for Worlds. A Racer’s Dream – Teaser from Hutchinson UR […]

Video: A Racer's Dream – Trailer

A full length documentary about the preparation for the 2013 Downhill World Championships to show the real face of racing : commitment, doubts and hopes. Filmed over 14 months, it follows Mick and Tracey Hannah, Holly Feniak, Fabien Cousinié and Guillaume Cauvin during their preparation for Worlds. A Racer’s Dream – Teaser from Hutchinson UR […]

Mick Hannah Wins the King of Crankworx Title

The Crankworx week in Les 2 Alpes was an intense one for the team and most especially Mick. After having raced the Enduro World Series on the weekend he raced the Hutchinson Dual Climb on Monday where he came 4th. He then got an excellent 2nd place on the Polygon Air DH behind Gee Atherton. […]

Crankworx Les 2 Alpes – July 2013

Crankworx Les 2 Alpes in France is back to showcase nine days of intense mountain bike competition July 6-14, 2013. New events, and the inclusion of Les 2 Alpes’ long standing Free Raid Classic, pack in even more for spectators, families and enthusiasts who want to get blown away by the action and experience the […]